May 20, 2015

These days

Settling into my new j-o-b this week. My whole schedule was apparently thrown off from being out of work that short period of time, because Monday rolled around and I thought I was going to die of exhaustion.
But....I was not upset about my commute. Going from 90 to 30 minutes is a huge deal.
Also a big deal? Just putting on my work outfit and walking out the door.
No more "wearing walking shoes" or "putting my hair up so it doesn't get frizzy in the elements" or "running to catch a train" or "sweating to power-walk to the office" or "applying my make-up on the train using a palm-sized mirror."
Also a big deal? The office is normal.  No one seems pretentious or overbearing.
No one has a specific pen that they have to write with.
No one has an arrogance that seems off-putting.
I come to work, do my shit, and leave.
People have families and lives outside of the office, and it is celebrated rather than shunned.
I am no longer staring at the clock worrying about how many minutes I have to run to catch the train.
I no longer have guilt that I'm not burning the midnight oil to impress the boss.
This isn't the big city anymore. It's a suburb. With a suburban lifestyle.
And maybe it is slower moving.
And that's okay with me.

I can't guarantee my blogging efforts will be three times a week still. I don't want to mess up a good thing here, and I'm not a fan of working after hours to shoot out a shitty blog post.
It'll be what it'll be.

And with this short and sweet post, I leave you with a grainy selfie of my cute outfit from the weekend.
I have never been to keen on crop tops, but I thought this one was just to cute to pass up.

Until next time folks!!

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