May 22, 2015

Staying Fit: What I eat

I have always been a relatively healthy person. Sure, my pants have been tighter at times, but these days, moderation is key.
I have a desk job, so in an effort to avoid pancake ass, I try to hit the gym 5x a week and generally stay active when I can. But the gym routine post is for another day.

Today I wanted to share what I eat during the week.
(Disclaimer: I am not a nutritionist or a body-building professional. I simply strive to maintain a healthy lifestyle so what I am about to share may or may not work with you. Take it with a grain of salt...but not too much salt. Because bloat.)
I eat the same thing five days a week. This includes breakfast, lunch and snacks. Dinner and the weekends are up in the air based on what we feel like making or doing.

After my morning workout, I like to help repair my muscles with a mix of carbohydrates and protein.
And since I am lazy, I grab a Naked smoothie.

The Double Berry flavor is my favorite. It is far less chalky than the other options.
Each smoothie has 420 calories and 16 grams of protein.
I drink half of the bottle each day.
I also take two vitamins, a prenatal and a B-complex (for natural energy).

On my way to work, I drink my coffee with just under a spoonful of real sugar and 2 tbls.of Coffeemate French Vanilla Creamer (none of that lite crap).

The time between when I drink my smoothie and arrive to work is approximately 2 hours and I'm basically starving so I'll heat up my breakfast.
On Sunday's I will make a muffin tray of eggs.
Each muffin consists of one egg, 1/2 slice of bacon, sauteed veggies (mushrooms, onions, and red peppers) and hot sauce. These are super easy to make, by the way. I cook the bacon in the microwave, saute the veggies, whisk up the egg mixture and divide everything into ten of the twelve (greased) muffin spots.
Cook in the oven at 400 for 20 minutes.

At work, I pop them in the microwave for 35 seconds and pull apart and eat! (That photo is halfway through my meal...I forgot to take the "pretty" photo)
I get 15 grams of protein with this meal.

For a mid-morning snack I will have a Chobani. Each Chobani has 12g of protein.

My lunch is prepared in bulk on Sundays as well.
I typically mix up the protein week to week, but the base stays the same.
This week is was 1.5 pounds of chicken, brown rice, an onion, red pepper, mushrooms, a cucumber, and sometimes feta if I have it. All sauteed up, divided into five containers and topped with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and a splash of hot sauce and maybe some hummus.
At work, I will slice up half an avocado and add it to lunch as well.

My final afternoon snack is a string cheese, a 100 calorie pack of almonds, and a green tea with honey and 1/2 a splenda.

Keeping my meals during the day clean allows me to have zero guilt when I get home and want a beer (or 2).
Which I usually do. Our dinners range from pasta to tacos to anything grilled (salmon, sweet potatoes, etc).
Some days it's healthy, other days it's not.
Some days we just have snacks for dinner (and maybe too much wine).
I don't fret about it too much.
We are not big into desserts. It's fine every now and then, but I just don't really crave it that much.

And in doing all of this, I still continue to see results with the added weights and cardio at the gym.
For your reference, each day I get roughly 65 grams of protein and approximately 34g of sugar in before dinner. And then dinner adds more, obviously. I have no idea how many calories I consume. If I had to guess it's somewhere between 1800-2100 per day including dinner.
I also eat all of this for about $8-$9 a day. Meal prep is key!

And with that, I am off to grab a beer with my new coworkers! Have a great weekend!


  1. How do you cook the eggs (what temp and for how long?) thanks! Congrats on the new job!

  2. Sorry. Blonde moment (even though I'm not blonde). I see it now!

  3. I eat basically the same as you. I love those naked smoothies. I'm also lazy.I probably have less snacks than you do. I like to switch up breakfast too. This week I'll have Fage nonfat greek yoguirt (holla at you 18 grams of protein for breakfast!).

  4. LOVE this!! I make egg muffins, too. I'm always looking for quick easy meals. I just can't eat the same thing every single day. I get bored....and that's when I cheat. But I could make variations of this!!