May 15, 2015

In one month...

I was laid off from work. I was heartbroken and angry, but hopeful this would lead to bigger and better things.
I landed a new and hopefully better job.
And I checked a bunch of things off a seemingly never-ending list of to-do's that kept getting pushed to the wayside.  Every spring it is a mad dash to de-winterize our home and get it summer ready. We always try to hustle during this time so summer can be an entertaining breeze (pun intended.)

The biggest non DIY feat was paying off a car. This car has been looming over us for what seems like forever. The second I accepted my new position, I took my severance pay from my former company and dropped a fat check to the loan company.
I have never been so thrilled to hand over a pile of money like that before.
This was the car that when we decided to buy this home, I had to get it out of my name and into my husband's, faster than you could snap your fingers. And in doing so, our interest rate went from 2.6 to 12.8%. Gulp. Since the end of 2013, my main goal has been to pay this damn thing off as fast as possible to avoid that huge interest gain.

Around the house? Oh, I have been busy.

I detailed our front porch. Cleaned every crevice. Wiped every window. Scrubbed every brick.

I planted flower pots, tilled up flower beds, laid some sunflower seeds (that are currently sprouting!)

I spruced up our sitting room with a pop of color and a hint of summer.

I can't wait until there is hardwood in here and NOT carpet!!
I re-painted our guest room to make it more inviting. This room is also a drop-zone for my work items and treadmill, and since I am in it every morning, shouldn't it look more appealing?

Our pool shed was in dire need of a makeover. I tore off the make-shift electric fence the prior owners put up to keep their dog in (yikes). Cleaned up every wall. Removed a mouse nest, a ton of mouse poop, more spider webs than I could count, and primed and painted that damn thing.
I think it looks great.

We turned our pool from black to blue. Mark is hustling to trench and install our pool heater to combat the 50 degree weather. (Seriously, summer, wtf?)
I did all the laundry. Shampooed all the carpets. Cleaned all the things.
Hosted Mother's Day.
And took a hiatus from the gym. Not necessarily something I wanted to do, but after the drunken Derby escapades, I woke to find out I strained a hip muscle and it hasn't quite healed yet.

This is my last weekend before work starts and I'd like to think I've set myself up for success.
My goal this weekend is to pick a few outfits that are work friendly, meal prep for the week, and shake up a cocktail or two with friends.

Cheers, friends. Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Dang girl! Look at you go! Your living room is amazing and will look even more fab with hardwood! Also love the revamp of the pool shed! Love the white and turquoise, perfect colors for summer!! I bet you feel super accomplished especially getting all of this done before starting your job! Good luck!

  2. Woah! when did you even sleep?
    Everything looks great! I wish I could get half of those projects done in 2015 then I'll be doing good! ha.

    Good luck with the new job next week :)

  3. You got all sorts of stuff done! I never get so much accomplished over the summer, so I am super impressed.

  4. Tia, I love love love the guest room and pool shed makeover! Awesome job!!!!

  5. Your guest room looks awesome!!! I definitely need to find some things to make my guest room look better. And paint. I need paint.

  6. Wow, you were busy! I know you'll do great at the new job! :D