May 8, 2015

An ode to my former party-girl self

Dear Party Girl,
Sometimes, when the mood is just right, and by right, I mean it's the first warm, sunny day in what seems like decades, you go a bit crazy. Excited! But still crazy.

Combine that with a family member's Derby themed 40th birthday and you, my friends, get to see me in ALL my glory. Trying to keep it real whilst getting shitty, like I did when I was 22.
(hint hint: I'm not 22)....but we sure as hell tried to convince ourselves we were.

I don't know what it is about the combination of certain people getting together when shots are know those people, the ones that the MINUTE they walk through the door, you two exchange a smirk because AWWWW YYYEEAAAA...shit is going to go DOWN tonight, brotha!!

That combination of people would be my husband's siblings, their significant others, and whoever else showed up this weekend.

It was Derby Day, and wouldn't you  know I had a little Martha Stewart flowing through my blood and a fancy new BRIGHT YELLOW dress that I just thought would be perfect for the event.

I do declare...this event shall be the classiest one evah! Most sober photo of the day!

And then my SIL served me this glorious champagne drink that went down like, well....champagne.

And all of a sudden, I'm in the zone.

Mark told me to bring a change of clothes because there would be obstacle races. So the minute the race was over (and we lost $100) I changed into my dance pants.
We had to complete a relay race where you held an orange in place between two people's faces.
And guess whose big Neanderthal head slammed into my eye when that damn orange fell to the ground?

Good thing I couldn't feel much at that point.

There was another challenge where you had to bend over and pick up a paper bag with your mouth, without touching your hands or knees to the ground. I am (surprisingly) not flexible, but my HUSBAND won for our team. He is surprisingly flexible (bow chica bow wow), so I'll be putting that to use later.

The evening capped off with a ridiculous amount of sweaty dancing and terrible shots and more champagne, obviously. (Or whatever is in that cup)

Here's to you...former Party Girl.
You still can do the do when the music is right and drinks are flowin'.
And your hangover wasn't even that bad!
You did wake up with string cheese wrappers and popcorn bits in your bed the next morning, but I'm sure that helped soak up the alcohol, right?

Now get your ass to the gym. You don't get fit from drinking your weight in alcohol!
Have a great boozy filled weekend!!


  1. bahahaha I love the picture of you guys holding the orange with your head! It looks like you had too much fun!

  2. Hahaha. I try to party like it's 1999 all the time, and the problem never happens that's the next morning. Good luck in your future party endeavors.

  3. loved the snacks in your bed in the am - ha! I have to say, I'm impressed! Anything other than wine and I am pretty much out for the next day. Sigh.