Jan 23, 2015

It's a process

Happy Friday loves,
First, I wanted to thank all of the lovely people in my life who have graciously donated their hard earned dollars to help us achieve our dreams of becoming parents.
I never, in my wildest dreams, ever thought we would have to go the route of IVF because of a genetic disorder. Hell, I never thought we would have to go through IVF, but yet, here we are.

The website, for those interested in reading, is gofundme.com/OurIVFbaby.
There is also a link in my sidebar.

It is just amazing, and humbling, to see our friends and family (and friends I have never actually met in real life) want to step in and help. I no longer feel like I am bearing the burden of this journey by myself, and instead, those around me are willing to connect and support us.
I guess we kind of always felt like we shouldn't let others in, that we should keep this more of a private struggle. I think a lot of people do; silently struggle with major issues in theirs lives, for fear that others will judge them for not having everything worked out, that they are a little damaged.
Something this big in my life can't be hidden. It's the reason we have to save money, and make smart decisions, and plan and budget...and most of all....hope.
Hope that it is all worth it and the outcome with our treatments will be what we want; a beautiful, healthy baby that will thrive in this world.

I will admit, these last couple of weeks have been tough. Our emotions ebb and flow and are never aligned with each other. I will be angry and then sad and then get over it, and then a few days later Mark will go through the same process.
We are getting through it. Life moves forward.

And in the middle of dealing with all of this new information, more changes need to happen. I won't be getting into too many details, but it's something that has been brewing for a while and kind of came to a head in the midst of all of this.
It's a change. It's kind of scary. But we know ultimately whenever the stars align it will be for the best.
At this point we are moving forward with both changes; saving and working towards both goals.
There aren't deadlines for either, because the stress is too much.
I would like to say that we could pull the trigger with IVF in August, but knowing we need to gather thousands and thousands of dollars in a few months is just too much stress. We don't want to be in major debt over this (that'll come with the actual child), so we just chug along.

When we're ready, we're ready.


  1. Change is a bitch isn't it? But the stars just re-align to create the new, better normal! Cheers girl!

  2. Good luck with everything. Thinking about you guys!

  3. Sending hugs your way Tia! And that's just what you have to do - chug along, enjoy each others company, drink wine together, snuggle at 7 p.m. on a Friday night watching a movie - before that becomes a thing of the past :D

  4. I hope everything works out and definitely just go with the flow and see how things are; you're already putting yourself under a lot of pressure, physically and mentally, so slowing that down and lessening it would be good for the both of you. Wishing you the best in all your choices and know that everything does work out for the best! Take Care Tia -Iva

  5. I'm sorry for all the changes and things that you're going through, but I love that people are coming together to support you in your endeavor!