Dec 2, 2014

Life lately

Oh hey. I'm here.
A little light on the inspiration and maybe a small break was needed.
So what have I been up to?

The last week has been a bit crazy.
At work we are gearing up for the holidays complete with company cards, retreats, and parties...all planned by yours truly.  It has been non-stop.

On the home-front, we all know our bathroom is finally show-ready and we did just that.
Showed. It. Off.
Between friends stopping by before Thanksgiving and all the way through the weekend, we have had a slew of loved ones file through the doors for all sorts of fun.

Thanksgiving was the easiest day for us. We were in charge of simply showing up this year.
No cooking, no cleaning, nothing. We didn't even bring booze!
I have been diligently fighting off a tiny cold (that I ALWAYS seem to get this time of year) and used Thanksgiving morning to just chill out.
Side note: I now swear by daily morning salt gargles for a sore throat. It is absolutely disgusting, but I SWEAR it helped make my symptoms stay away!
We split the afternoon between both families. First up, my brother-in-laws home for feasting, then a quick pit stop at my parents to pick at their left-overs and take home a bunch of goodies.

Friday, we had our annual Shrimp Boil.
Think of it as a Friendsgiving, but Cajun style.
This tradition has been going on since my husband was a senior in High School, making it our 18th year running! I make a quick boozy punch, Mark makes the main coarse of shrimp, potatoes, onions, garlic, and it off with some corn bread and you're all set to feast!

set-up in our garage

the main event

dig in!

Mark workin' the super sized pots!

me and some of my favorite lovelies

post feast foosball - the devil!

Saturday was spent doing absolutely nothing. Just a lot of lounging around and sleeping.
I did manage to drag out the Christmas boxes but didn't get started until Sunday.
Then finally Sunday included a major grocery shopping trip and watching Christmas throw up all over my home. It's still not done either. We need to decorate both trees with ornaments but at least all the lights are up!

I feel like we are behind. Which is crazy because it's only December 2nd.
I don't even know if we are going to bother with Christmas cards. I want to but I also don't want to spend any more money this year (which is laughable considering all the presents we still have to buy!) We usually do a card with the dogs on the front, but I have no good photos, it seems. Plus it also seems like a waste to just send a greeting card...nothing personal, you know?
Well, I am clearly overthinking this. We'll see what pans out.

I am looking forward to our company Holiday party, our annual "Dirty Christmas" party to gather my immediate family, and then of course Christmas Eve with Mark's family and Christmas day at mine.
I am not looking forward to the four months of winterish hell that follow, but the plan is to keep the Christmas tree up as long as I can stand to pretend it's not shitty out.
What are your plans?


  1. We don't do Christmas cards just because I don't want to spend the extra money. That sounds so horrible, but it's true.

  2. What a busy weekend! But it looks like so much fun. That shrimp boil looks awesome. I went to one a few months ago and had such a blast!

  3. I'm still on the fence about cards too---thinking I may skip this year. I have not even had time to take any pictures either!

  4. Woohooo for your awesome bathroom!!!! It's beautiful. And what IS that with a cold this exact time every year…? I'm in the same boat and it drives me batty!

    We were sad to miss the shrimp boil, it looks delicious - as always!

  5. I want pics of the bathroom!!!!!! Unless I missed something and you already posted them. haha. And P.S. I'm coming to next years shrimp boil because that shit just looks amazing. Well done, my friend...well done.

  6. You must send out cards! It's a dying art and I don't want it to be! :) I love your shrimp boil Friendsgiving!!! That is so super cool and fun and s/t awesome to look forward to every year! Merry Christmas, girl!