Nov 14, 2014


I spoke too soon regarding the contractors flaking out on us.
Tuesday afternoon after I wrote all about how they decided last minute to show up and we got a new bidder in place, I got the reply text.
And, since both their quote and the second bid came in at exactly the same price, we chose to stick with the original contractors.

Wednesday night Mark and I finished some last minute layout items including vanity mirror placement, and sconce positioning.

Thursday morning I left for work while Mark stayed home to meet the guys.
By the time I came home, they were finishing up their last hour of work.
Granted, a few hours of Day 1 included buying cement board and other materials, so the progress isn't fabulous based on the photos, but I can assure you they made good strides.

Our new shower is roughed in, the electrical for the sconces have been wired, and they even moved the shut-off valves for the new ped sink (even though there is a gaping hole left over in the plaster, that I now have to fix.  All the walls have cement board on them, and most of the flooring.

so many holes to patch...

Today is Day 2 and as I am typing this, the guys are upstairs hard at work.
Today they are finishing the cement board install and starting the floor tile.
I could pee my pants I am so excited to see the progress!!
This weekend, I will be at home painting furniture for the bathroom.
Mark is finishing a hot tub install, and we are both waiting anxiously for these guys to finish their work!
Have a great weekend!


  1. I can't wait to see the furniture you are painting and what you do with it. I have really been wanting to paint a piece of furniture at our house but I can't decide which one to do. I might just stick to a couple wooden chairs that we have and see how they turn out. Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. It'll all be worth it!!! Damn hot tub is going to be MAD nice!! :) Be patient and hope you guys have a great weekend Tia! -Iva

  3. Hooooooray progress!!!! Glad it ended up working out with the original guy, and I'm very excited to see more pictures. Also, Steve is sitting next to me and he says hi! <3

  4. It's coming along!!! So excited to see the end product!!

  5. Wohooo for progress!!!!! That is awesome on the hot tub - I didn't realize you guys were doing that!

  6. I can't wait for you to finish... looking at construction mess even in pics makes me unsettled lol... too many never ending unfinished projects courtesy of my ex douchebag.

  7. OMG, jealous of the skylight!!!!!