Nov 21, 2014


I wasn't sure I was going to keep giving updates constantly about my incessant lack of bebe, but here goes. Because, hey, if I feel the need to scour Google for hours trying to find answers or stories to relate to, then maybe someone will find this blog looking for the exact same thing.

So, progesterone.
We all know that my number is lower.

And we also know that I did three unsuccessful rounds of Clomid.
And that I switched doctors.
And with this new doctor came almost the same answers, although spoken more eloquently.
Words shot out of her mouth like IUI, and IVF, and fertility center, and a bunch of other fun ones.
But I'm not ready to take that leap yet.
I don't know if I ever will be.
In my gut, I just know that although Mark and I don't have stellar grades on any of our fertility report cards, at the same time, it's not impossible.

She suggested, and I agreed, to try a few more rounds of basic medication before even considering something more invasive.

The game plan was to try three months of Progesterone, and then possibly combining Clomid and progesterone into a few cycles.

Since my issue seems to lie in the second half of my cycle, clearly progesterone (P) levels are to blame.
The idea of taking P is that you supplement what is naturally occurring, with the medical stuff and it helps to create a supportive environment for a fertile egg looking to implant and grow.
Right now, my body isn't producing P to the level it needs, and in turn, I am shedding my lining too quickly even if an egg did happen to implant.

So how do you take progesterone?
There are three options. And of course, I did an intense amount of research.
The first option is to take progesterone pills orally.
Pros being there is no discharge or messiness.
Cons being that it is less absorbed by the body, can cause a bunch of side effects, and is overall less effective.

The second option is taken as a suppository.
Pros being the meds are in the prime position (right next to your cervix) where progesterone is needed most.
There are less side effects and is considered to have higher success rates with full term pregnancies.
Cons being there is a decent amount of discharge requiring panty liners and all that jazz. Plus, and this is probably TMI, but I may or may not have been told that it felt like "sand paper" down there during intercourse. You've been warned.

The third option is by injection, or PIO.
Pros being this has the highest success rate
Cons being....duh, it's an injection. A daily injection, in your butt.

So obviously based on what I just wrote you know that I secretly decided the suppository route and then my doc suggested it and we were off and running.
I should also mention that I bit the bullet and purchased one of those crazy expensive Clearblue Fertility Monitors to finally prove to all my stupid doctors what I had thought all along; that I am ovulating right smack dab in the middle of my cycle.
I kept being told that with a shorter cycle, I could ovulate as early as day 10, which would have been lovely if that was true, but mama knows best.
All it took was a little $200 pee analyzing computer to solidify my hunch.

Anyways, back to the big P.
So you pee on this stupid monitor for a couple of weeks and it gives you high and then peak days.
And you bang it out as often as you can muster.
And then you start counting.
Counting to 3 dpo (days past ovulation) and release the Kraken.
And by Kraken, I mean messy yellow vagina pills.
The regime for me was (2) 200 mg pills each day, one in the morning, and one before bed.

You can't feel them at all until they start to ooze out eventually.
And apparently I am one of the 'lucky ones' because I didn't have one. single. symptom.

Not one.
In fact, I kept telling Mark that I actually felt better than ever during my 2WW (two week wait).
No bloating, no cramping, no emotions (outside of bathroom reno emotions).
My boobs had their normal mid-2WW soreness, but that eventually subsided, which made me start to realize that I was probably out again.

The coolest part of all of this, for me, was finally have a "normal length" cycle.
See, P can delay your period. It is still possible for your period to just start whenever it wants, but for me, I was able to hit Day 28 without any signs of that old hag.
That was also the day I was supposed to take a preg test and if negative (which it was) to stop the P and then at some point my period will show up in the next couple of days.

And the craziest part was when I tested and saw only one line, I had zero. emotions.
Like, none. I just threw it in the garbage and got my morning work out in.
Probably had something to do with the progesterone, but I just feel nothing. Not happy, not sad, nothing.
Everything takes time, so I'm hoping to continue with our game plan and pray something finally takes.

One more little note; I did finally read somewhere that waning symptoms don't mean "you're out" necessarily. Apparently the symptoms ebb and flow constantly during the 2ww and into pregnancy so one day you can have hurtie boobs and the next feel nothing. Don't fret. It most certainly doesn't mean anything is wrong. Every person is different. Every cycle is different.

Happy Friday loves!


  1. I also had zero side effects from the Progesterone. We opted for the shots and fortunately my husband is aces at shot giving and I rarely felt more than a teeny pinch. I did 12 weeks of them b/c our 2nd round of IVF worked (currently 15 weeks preggo with twins...doh!) and they were really nbd. Just a little pep talk in case you get sick of the goo (injections are cheaper too!). Good luck to you. You've got a great attitude and that helps a lot!

  2. I loved the Progesteone in oil injections way better than the oral. My body responded better. We had to do ivf due to my husbands situation but I think the combo of progesteone, lovenox and baby aspirin helped us get pregnant this round. If you take them ice before and heat after. Don't give up, it will happen for you!

  3. Hoping this is the solution you need! Really glad that you aren't dealing with awful side effects.

  4. Hoping this is the solution you need!! Glad to hear you aren't dealing with any awful side effects.

  5. I can't add any wisdom here but as always, I hope you get knocked up real soon!

  6. Well ok, sounds like some good things going on here! Glad you switched up docs, doesn't hurt to do that. Oozing, eh, big deal. It's doable! ;) Keep on keepin' on, girl!

  7. I'm not sure why, but you're using the word ooze in reference to the P oozing from your P made me think of "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of Ooze.' Great movie.
    Anywho.... I'm happy you sought out a second opinion and have changed up the plan a bit. There are other options, even if the oozy P suppository doesn't work, there are still places to go from there. While I'll never truly understand the roller coaster of emotions (or lack there of, at the moment) you are riding on, just know I love and support you. If I were in Chicago, Nurse MarlaJan would be honored to give you that daily butt injection! <3 <3

  8. I've used both the suppositories and the PIO, I never get side effects from meds, but progesterone will cause pregnancy like symptoms which is why I try not to take my symptoms too seriously during the 2ww. Hopefully the combo of progesterone and Clomid will work for you. Malao wanted to mention, if your doctor is questioning your ovulation time, then why not have the bloodwork done to verify that??

  9. I hope a few more rounds of the meds work love - it would be a very hard decision to go down the other routes like IVF and IUF. I think a bit of hope and a lot of faith will help and I'm sure you will both know when it's time for the more invasive procedures.. Wishing you two much luck and prosper in this as it is something that the universe seems to want to make a challenge for the two of you. Keeping faith alive love and hope you had a wonderful weekend Tia! -Iva

  10. gosh. i hope that you don't have to take suppositories forever. they kind of suck. not as much as the injections of course but they can feel so yucky! i am praying for you greatly. ask your doctor about letrozole and the ovidrel injection. big hugs my love.