Nov 5, 2014

Demo Day 2: enter sand(wo)man

We got all this fun stuff accomplished on Day 1.
Day two brought a whole new set of challenges.
Specifically, sanding.
Mark had suggested I just take a scraper to the ENTIRE WALL and chip away at the white mortar.
Yes, it would make less of a mess...but it's all about efficiency at this point.
This is the enemy:

And this is where we are at after the white mortar has been sanded away (never mind the yellow wall on the right, that baby will be removed and new drywall added)

I headed BACK to Home Depot Sunday morning to buy a fun little power-sander, papers, and all the fixin's to repair wall damage and paint (Oh, and wine. But the sad part of the weekend was I never got  a chance to actually drink it.)

I sanded for four straight hours, successfully filling up the room with inches upon inches of dust and debris.
I had to stop every 10 minutes or so to load up a new sanding paper, and then step out of the room every 20-30 minutes to wipe off my goggles.
Fun fact: the dust will accumulate INSIDE the goggles too, even if they are suctioned to your face.
It feels awesome and doesn't hinder seeing what the hell you are doing in the slightest.

Mark didn't come prepared with goggles or a mask, and I forgot to buy him one so he was quickly forced to exit the space for fear of millions of tiny dust particulates settling into his lungs.
He used that as a solid excuse to leave the house and get drunk with his friends.
Not that he would want to look at how sexy I was after I finished:

I cleaned up the best that I could. Swept, vaccummed, dusted, brushed off everything in sight.
There is still a veil of white dust everywhere.
And it is also covering most of the things in the spare bedroom.
Lucky we don't have anything of use in the a child.

Days 3-10 will be spent fine-tuning the space in preparation for the contractors to be on-site next Thursday through Sunday.

I will have to fine-grain sand the same walls I already sanded. Then patch and prime.
Two drywalled walls need to be ripped out.
And the floor and underlayment need to be hacked out and removed.
Oh, and we have to tediously scrape off the liquid nails from a portion of the bathroom sink area as to not ruin the plaster. Then patch and prime.

More details this weekend! Happy Hump Day folks!!


  1. At least you had your priorities straight to BUY the wine Tia!

  2. Lol I feel that a bottle of wine and a sanding machine are a dangerous combination but that could just be me. Who needs to be clear headed when handling dangerous equipment ;) Lol Hope everything went smoothly and have a great one Tia! -Iva

  3. Girl, I have never seen you look sexier!! MWAH!!!

  4. Too bad about the wine! Hope Mark gets his behind home this weekend to help you out - that is A LOT of work!