Nov 12, 2014

A snag in the road + Updates

So, we hit a small-ish snag in the road.
As this post is being published I am standing in my bathroom with a new contractor to give pricing and availability for our bathroom renovation.
Yes, at 6:30am before work.
Monday morning started out with me texting our preferred contractor to confirm what time the team will be onsite this Thursday and how many men I should expect.
(he prefers texting as his English
No response.
Ok, no big deal. He usually responds by the end of the same day so I'll just wait.
6pm rolls around and still no response.
Ok, I'll just email him.
By Tuesday at noon I still had no response from either outlet.


The timeline was supposed to be contractor install this Thursday-Sunday and then next weekend we do the final touches.
Being an ex-project manager for construction and an interior architect before that, I have very little patience for lack of response.
I am trying to empathize with the fact that whatever project they are currently working on probably ran over, but a little communication would be preferred to keep my crazy at bay.

I am not waiting any longer for a response as this work needs to be completed ASAP.
I went ahead and called three new contractors to bid.

No harm, no foul. It's the nature of the business. Shit happens. But if you can't show a little respect and say you got tied up, then we have nothing further to discuss.

Wish us luck that we can still get a decent deal and have the work completed on time!!


Question: Are you guys diggin' the Promote the Love link-up where we tell other bloggers how much we love them and why? Do you want to continue? The first round was a HIT and the second kind of hit a wall. Leave me a note if you still want to participate and maybe, just maybe I'll get the link-up going again!

Next up, I wanted to give everyone a quick Track the Tank update!!

It's been a spell since I mentioned it, although I have been diligently stalking emailing all the ladies who are participating to ensure the tank isn't lost or left for weeks in someone's mailbox.  You can follow along with everyone's journey on my tab HERE. Many thanks to Candra for nudging me into this journey! It's been a great way to connect with a TON of bloggers and have everyone participate in something that is more than just sending a gift card to an anonymous person.

Currently, the tank is with Tracie from Tracie Everyday.
We have rounded the halfway point and are left with 7 more participants, including myself, to get a chance to sign this tank top with a motivational shout-out.
One lucky gal will then get a chance to WIN this tank top that has literally traveled all over the U.S. and into your hands.
You can look forward to that giveaway as we get closer the end of 2014.
Most ladies are including a selfie on their social media outlet of choice (IG or Twitter) with the hashtag #trackthetank.
Follow along!!


  1. Man I hope everything works out with the contractor, what a pain!! At least you're familiar with the process so you have an upper hand :) have a great one Tia! -Iva

  2. good luck with everything! I know you'll get everything done! p.s. the tank is getting shipped out today and the post will be up tomorrow :)

  3. Okay I'm an asshat. I love the promote the love but apparently need reminders. I"m down for the next one. Just let me know when it is!

  4. Ugh, that is frustrating. No hablo English or not, going radio silent on a contract is unacceptable. It's part of being a damn professional! I hope you get some good quotes from the other contractors and get that ish done!

  5. I am not patient when it comes to that either. Before we had our foreign exchange student with us in 2010, I knew I needed to fix up our one and only bathroom. A woman I worked with at the time suggested her son - great!

    I made one appointment, he broke that saying his car died. Second appointment? His daughter was sick. Third appointment? He overslept. Really? In the end we ended up doing all the tiling ourselves, just took a bit longer.

    My co-worker asked how the job went with her son, and when I told her he had excuses every single time she said "I wish you would have told me, I would have gotten on him." Um, the man was 35 years old and living in his Mom's basement!

    Fingers crossed all goes well!

  6. I laughed at Biz's comment - 35 and living with mom, EEK!
    I hope you find someone you can rely on SOON!

  7. That sucks. Sorry to hear. But so happy to hear the update on the Track the Tank!! Looking forward to seeing it at the end!