Oct 29, 2014

The goods

Happy hump day!
Since I am smack dab in the middle of my bathroom renovation, I wanted to clue you into our budget and how we are cutting our bill in half by doing a lot of the handy-work ourselves.

Even though Friday is Halloween, I am sad to say I haven't had much time to focus on getting my spooky on. It's a shame really. But, we really need to get this bathroom done before Thanksgiving so our plan is to spend the weekend picking out the major final touches for install and begin demo.

Here is where we are at.
Based on the research I did prior to starting this project, the results I found indicated that a bathroom renovation should equal 5% of your total home value.
For us, that would make it close to $15K.
And I totally laughed at that price tag.

I couldn't even imagine spending that much money in a bathroom with a footprint of 10x20.
Maybe that budget is suitable for most people. Not for us.

Originally, I had intended to spend about $5K all in. And then the contractor came back and said labor alone would be $5K to renovate everything we wanted in the space.
So I went back to him and basically said I could give him $2,500....what could he do with that amount?
In the end, we agreed to $2,900 for them to lay new sheet rock, install the floor and wall slate, install a new shower head and faucet (currently there is only a jetted tub), and complete the electrical for two new wall sconces flanking the mirror above the sink, and chandelier in the main area.

That leaves us to demo, buy and prep the tile, and then go back in and add the finishing touches.
I will paint and pretty up the space and Mark will re-install the toilet, new sink, mirror, etc.

Here is a refresher of the room's current state and the new polished inspiration:

And here are some of the newly purchased items:

What we know so far:
Labor: $2,900
250 s.f. of floor and wall slate with grout, sealant and thin-set: $2,200
Sink: $242
Chandelier: $103
Two sconces: $200

Total: $5,645

Items still needed:
Mirror over sink - approx. $60
Shower head & components - $150
Shelving over toilet - $30
Sink Faucet - $50
Full size mirror/medicine cabinet - DIY project, approx. $200
Paint: $50
Cabinet/low storage - DIY project, approx. $200

Total: $740

Max Grand Total: $6,400

The sink mirror and shower head are MUST NEED items in order to complete the major labor and installations. Everything else can be added later as I find and make things. My goal is to make it look upscale without spending a fortune. Which means inserting a few DIY projects to get the look I want instead of paying out the ass.

And yes, I am over the $5K budget thus far, but most of the key items are in place.
Like all renovation projects, it is almost guaranteed that you will go over in terms of budget and time.
I am just praying that when the laborers say it'll take four days, it really takes four days.
That part has to stay on time, even if it means I have to hover over and crack the whip.

Have you ever done a major room renovation? Any tips or places to scout out fancy items on a budget?
And since I am basically forgoing Halloween this year, tell me all about YOUR plans!
Have a good one!


  1. Love the look of the pedestal sinks!! Can't wait to see how this all comes together :) Happy planning!

  2. Oh my goodness, it's goin to look gorgeous! And how awesome will it be to tell everyone you guys did that shit yourselves?? I wouldn't call it renovated, but Steve and I did all the chair rail and wood work around the ceiling (total brain fart o what its called) ourselves. We borrowed a miter saw and nail gun from a friend, it was so much fun. I cant wait to see the finished results. And I cant wait to come over and get in that fancy tub!

  3. Crown Molding!!! That's what it's called!

  4. I can totally relate being as we are in the middle of building an entire home! Doing the work yourself is definitely the money savvy way to do things! Can't wait to see the finished product! Ps. We are over our budget too, such is life! Lol!

  5. Dang, now I know who to go to for blog advice AND budget/remodeling advice ;) I'm excited to see your project at it's completion... xoxo, ganeeban

  6. when we did our bathroom and basement, we called in every single favor ever...the biggest savings we got was from my FIL. he used to be an exec at a big construction company and had all the contacts for supplies so we got our hella expensive glass tiles for DIRT CHEAP. if you know anyone in construction, ask them to get supplies for you; home depot usually gives subcontractors a discounted rate...same with textile companies :)

  7. That is going to be stunning! And I think it would be kind of fun to have the bragging rights of saying, "Look what I did."