Oct 12, 2014

Shake it off

Happy Monday loves.
Thank you again for all the love and support with the link-up Friday. I found some amazing new blogs and I hope everyone felt awesome for sharing.  We will get another opportunity to Promote Love in 2 weeks!
This weekend was filled with Halloween decorating, a good fall temp run, pizza with my main man, and of course- a crockpot meal.

So I must tell you, Saturday morning didn't go quite like I hoped, but the end result was much better. I had just downloaded a few songs (including, I confess, that damn Taylor Swift song, Shake it Off. I can't tell you how much it came in handy only moments later), and was setting out for my first cooler temp run this month.
I listen to the music from my phone and noticed I had a little email icon. So I checked it.
And almost pooped my pants.

Wouldn't you know I had a rather shitty comment from none other than an Anonymous asshole.

 The comment was from my granola post about our new game plan to get knocked up. And no sooner had we JUST completed the Promote the Love round, then I get hit square between the eyes with this bullshit.
(I already deleted the comment, so you won't find it)
The commenter basically said that the reason why I can't get pregnant because I drink.
Like I'm some kind of raging alcoholic.

Now, I thought about not even saying anything about it.
Then I thought about responding inline back to said commenter about how Karma is a bitch, and yada ya....but of course it's a "no-reply" comment so it's not like that ho would ever see it unless she purposely came back to see if there was retaliation.
But I think this needs to be addressed.

There are two places on my blog that clearly outline what I tolerate on my blog.
It is written right there in the ole' comment section. I don't dig trolls.
AND, I have a whole DISCLAIMER section that also "politely" outlines mama T's rules of the blog.
You can follow suit, or you're out.

I will admit that the comment stung a bit. I wasn't happy about it and it made me feel bad about myself for a brief moment.  And it was as if God decided I needed a kick-ass playlist from my instant mix, based on that damn T. Swift song, It was a medley of "stay strong" anthems.

Just shake it off.
And I did.
By the time I ended my run, I had a completely different outlook.
How petty, really.
How cowardly that person was to not only go out of her way to make a shitty comment on a blog to a person she doesn't even know but hide behind the veil of an anonymous name and a computer screen.
Way to go champ.
You win the internets with the biggest asshole award for not finding anything productive to do with your time, and instead, because you are clearly jealous, try to knock me down a peg.

So, now everyone must be a registered user of some forum to comment. Sorry if it doesn't work for you to leave shitty comments. We don't tolerate that garbage around here.

And I can guarantee that me having a drink or two as I feel, isn't hindering me in conceiving.
If that was a fact, then teenagers and people in their early 20's who will more likely go on a bender or two would never have the opportunity to accidentally get knocked up.
I am someone who eats healthily, organically, exercises regularly and not to an extreme, gets 7-8 hours of sleep a night, takes my vitamins, and yes, enjoys a libation or two. And of course my issue with conceiving CLEARLY has nothing to do with the fact that my husband has a borderline morphology issue or perhaps my progesterone is a tad low.
No, it definitely boils down to alcohol.
Yes, that's it.

Well, let's put it this way, Miss Anonymous, and I know you are reading because I'm sure you found my blog through a fellow blogger. The next time you have the most epic hangover from one too many drinks, as you are probably a huge hypocrite, I hope you think of my smiling face on this blog. And I hope you are past your prime with dealing with hangovers and it lasts for days.
I hope you remember that karma is INDEED a bitch.

And to the other internet troll assholes out there, let this be a warning to you as well.
You come to my blog and you don't agree? Get the fuck out. Your opinion is not wanted and will be deleted, so what is the point of wasting both of our time?

On a nicer note, I realized this weekend how truly lucky we are to have this home, two good dogs, a loving cat, and how blessed I am to have a very caring and thoughtful husband.
I am sitting here finishing this post, watching Simpsons, and am exhausted.
But it's a good exhaustion. I spent all weekend doing everything I wanted and needed to do.
Cooking, cleaning, decorating, spending time with friends and my family...the list goes on.

And now that is off my chest, check out how spooky my house if now!!

I love looking at spooky decorations on Instagram and Pinterest!!
Have you decorated yet? Where do you come with ideas?


  1. Sigh. 99.9999999% of the time I adore blog world, and the awesome people I've met because of it. And then some ridiculous douche lord has to come and fuck it all up. Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinions, but it's when it comes from a place of malice, not to mention the person chooses to be anonymous... how fucking cowardly. And seriously, 2 of my very best friends got knocked up at the ripe old age of 22 after a night of drunken, binge drinking debauchery. Sorry this happened, but so glad you were able to "shake it off."

  2. I wish you lived near by so our bulldogs could play together! They are sooo cute!

  3. I absolutely love all the decor! I need to get my booty in gear on our outdoor and window decorations, I had to wait because of the windows/siding getting done, but now I just need to do it!

  4. Genetics be damned! It must be the alcohol! #blameitonthealcohol Hell, some days, I'm pretty sure it is solely alcohol's fault I got in the mood in the first place. #bringonthealcohol!

  5. Ugh screw that person. So rude. I had a meanie Anon leave a nasty comment a few months ago so I got rid of Anon's ability to post as well. I don't understand why people have to be mean like that, what does it actually accomplish? Does it make you feel good about yourself? Turd. Anywho, glad you shook it off, go on with your bad self.

  6. Your house looks awesome Tia!!!!!!!! Great job.

    and UGH. I have a commenter that literally comes around my blog just to bully me. I don't get it. The last time she commented I responded that I was done explaining myself. She needs to be nice or I will block her. I'm so over it.

    And um obviously you aren't having difficulties getting pregnant because of mild drinking. Remember when L was conceived? Ah yes, the night of 20 drinks.

  7. What a dick! Yes, I called what I'm supposing is a girl a dick, b/c she is/was! Keep your narrow minded bullshit to yourself!

    Bleck, sorry, I'm in a 'don't piss w/ me' mood today, ha ha! Nice job on the H decs! And sorry I didn't link up Friday, not been feeling 'it' where blogging is concerned lately, which means I haven't read for a while either. Hope all's well!

  8. I'm so sorry about that comment. Anonymous trolls are the WORST. There is just no excuse for being rude and judgmental and hiding behind anonymity. But I'm glad you shook it off.

    (That damn song is on my iPod too...)

  9. i laugh at those c*nt nuggets because they're sad and pathetic and cowardly. if you have an opinion, at least OWN it and not go anon. sorry you had to deal with that but those bitches have no impact to you or your life.