Oct 23, 2014

Promote the Love Link-Up {2}

Happy Friday lovies.
Today is special because it's our second Promote the Love Link-Up!
I hope you have that special something or someone all cued up and ready to be pimped out for today!!

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Today I wanted to share my love for Little Baby Garvin.

Jessica is the author or LBG and I just love her website and her spirit.  I found her blog through a mutual blog friend and have been silently following ever since.

She already has quite the following and I totally understand why.
As I have been stumbling through my own baby making journey I found her chalkboard bumpdates and couldn't help but fall in love. She is a very real person that does her best to keep things light, fun, and yet charmingly real on her blog.
Her hunky husband is a real hands on guy and I just love that the two of them work on various projects together.
I know I said in my last link-up that I wasn't thrilled with seeing photoshopped/posed/overly-filtered weight loss photos, but when it comes to her lifestyle blog, her photos just seem so.....serene.
Of course there are plenty of spills and messes and chaos with raising two daughters, but her photos are always somewhat candid and "real." It's hard to explain. A simple white canvas typically fills her Instagram  feed to highlight her two adorable daughters and their latest activities.

Jessica is a lover of Holidays, especially Halloween! A girl after my own heart!

Her blog makes me so excited to get pregnant and have a wonderful bump and baby to take beautiful photos with.

I look forward to reading her blog weekly and what new hair accessory she has assembled on Eloise.

Too cute right?

I can't wait to see who you are giving shout-outs to!! Link-up will be open through Sunday. 
Have fun and get to know a new blogger!


  1. The chalkboard bump date girl! I love it! All of my preggo friends have done some sort of spin off her idea :) Great shout out.

  2. One of my best friends did the chalkboard bumpdate, and then did it an update each month after Harper was born. So cute. Her photos are beautiful. Also, I suck ass AGAIN, and did t participate. I haven't blogged in almost a month, I can't get it together. I still love ya though.

  3. Oh funny, Jessica's daughter is Harper, too!!

  4. That's awesome :) You'll get your baby soon enough and how exciting will that be right?! It'll be worth it and you won't even think about all the struggles to get there, just the end result. Hope you have a great weekend Tia! -Iva