Oct 2, 2014

It's not about the number- let's start a blog revolution

Before I get into my exciting new idea, I wanted to showcase some digital prints available in my Etsy Shop just in time for Halloween!!

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Alright, enough for the shameless plugs. In case you guys are living under a rock....you may have noticed that Val ended her public blog and created a new IG account.
And I totally support her.

She is on a very kick-ass journey where the end goal is to be one of those awesome bikini fitness competitors.  She has lost like....over 100 pounds and still going. And yet, after all her public struggles, all her honesty, all her soul bared to the world...people came back and relayed with words as disgusting as she should "just die."
Could you even imagine?

Her wee little blog skyrocketed and she ended up with thousands of followers in IG, Facebook, and of course, her blog. Which should be super exciting, right?

Not when there are trolls.
"Fame" always comes with a price...regardless of how you are famous, whether it be a celebrity or something as tiny as one in a million blogs on the internet.
The more visible you are to people that truly don't "know you," the more people are here to judge you.
And they are just downright disgusting, quite frankly.

And it got me thinking. Hosting giveaways and what not is all fine and dandy, but the reality is you are basically begging people to follow you that probably don't even really give a shit, if they are even real at all.

My mini-rant to tie this all together, is that, either Bloglovin' or people in general, are lying about their giveaway entries. I just recently had a giveaway that supposedly added 25 new followers to my blog.
And I got super excited because I thought I had 25 new fans.
But then Bloglovin' didn't bump up the number by 25. It only went up by 1.
And I thought there was a glitch....and maybe there still is, but I have a feeling there were more people choosing to just click "enter" and submit a false entry, which I confirmed by doing it myself.
You can just...you know....go around it.
So why would I put my time and energy into all that jazz when people can just find me as they find me and follow if they want?
That way I KNOW the people that want to read ACTUALLY WANT TO READ.
Isn't that a concept?

I don't think I can actually handle a bunch of random assholes telling me to drop dead and that my life isn't worth living and that I'm an internet whore or whatever.....
That fucking sucks and I can't believe there are people in the world whose sole purpose is to tear others down.
It's just so exhausting to be so mean. Isn't there anything better to do with your time?
Just let people live their lives and if you don't agree, go somewhere else.
Unless they are hurting puppies...then by all means, go after those sons of bitches.

So I want to start a trend.
I want people to encourage other people. I want people to feel all warm and fuzzy.
I want to start a god damn blogging revolution!

The last Friday of every month, I will host a link-up.
And in that link-up, I want you bloggers to give a shout-out in your post about ANOTHER blogger that you think is fabulous. Someone who you know you will read each week, who you look forward to their post, who is an inspiration. Talented, smart, beautiful, has something you relate to....whatever.
Tell us who they are, why you love them, and why everyone else should love them as well.
And if you want to just talk about yourself and how fabulous you are, then go for it.
We are all here to support each other.

We will call it: "Promote What you Love Link-Up"

What do you think? Would you participate?


  1. I think that is such an awesome idea! I also love doing button swaps or posting links to the blogs I love on my sidebar as a way to shout out. I haven't done it in a LONG time, mostly just because I haven't been an awesome blogger in a hot second, but you're right we should start giving each other props, just because we like each other.

  2. Great idea, of course!!! If I was still blogging I would totally be in. Interested to see the "real" props made to others.

  3. I just found your blog and I've read a few of your posts and I think your great! Love the honesty and real life exposure. You get it girl! Great idea about the blog revolution I would contribute but don't blog just read them and I find them so therapeutic.

  4. I love this idea Tia!!! The world needs more of this, for sure. Happy Friday!!!

  5. I would totally participate! I get frustrated by all those give away sign ups and false follows anyway (even though I always really follow AND read). Plus I want to find more awesome bloggers and shout to the rooftops about my own favorites!

  6. Fantastic idea, my love! I think all those "trolls" need a swift kick in the cooter. I never understood why people feel the need to hide behind their computer screens and bash people they know absolutely nothing about. It's rude, it's cowardly, and it's fucking hurtful. If we are going to insist to bash people we don't know, can't we just do it to the Kardashians?

  7. That's sad about Val - she was making such great strides on her blog and then some idiot ruined it. There are always trolls but they're weak people in person and they use the internet to create the facade of strength. I think it's a fantastic link up idea :) I hardly do any link ups but that one would be one worth joining. It all depends on my level of laziness and pre-planning, lol :) Have a great one Tia! -Iva

  8. i think this is amazing. and kudos to val because she kicks serious ass. i can not BELIEEEEEEVE how many haters hate. Having Anger Towards Everyone Reaching Success = HI HATERS! ugh. boooooo.

  9. Hell yes. Let's do it. And I love your new blog design!!!! Loves it.

  10. There definitely needs to be more positivity and less trolling in the blogoverse.