Oct 27, 2014

All that glitters...

My weekend was nothing but physically exhausting.
I didn't do my blogging duty to take different photos, so what you get is exactly what you saw if you follow me on Instagram.

I have been battling a half-cold since last weekend. My sore throat and overall exhaustion came to a boil last Friday after I had my work review (which I nailed, btw!).
I skipped out on festive Friday drinks and headed home to sit and sip a bit of wine and just relax.

Saturday morning I sat, reading up on pregnancy success stats and trying to "crack the code" as to our issues. Frazzled, I met Mark in the bathroom while he was showering for work and word vomited a bunch of garbage to him about what I think our game plan should be.
He tore back the shower curtain and kind of glared at me.
"Tia, listen, if that's what you think it takes, I'm okay with it, but honestly, you are getting too worked up about all of this. It's all you think about lately and I can't imagine that is good for the process. It'll happen when it's supposed to happen and until that time, I suggest you stay really busy. It's the only way you're going to get your mind off of everything."

What's that quote? An idle mind is the devil's playground.
Why does he have to be so smart sometimes?

So I did just that. I got my ass off the pot and started unloading, cleaning, and sealing 250 square feet of slate tile for our bathroom remodel.
If you are doing it solo, it takes approximately 8-9 hours to complete all this.
My biggest road block was the fact that each mosaic wall piece had a slab of styrofoam attached to the mesh on the back.
Being ever handy, I grabbed the ice scraper from the car and went to town.
The inside of Mark's garage now has itty bitty bits of styrofoam stuck to everything. But it's done finally.

I was so dead it wasn't funny. Sore, aching, just purely exhausted from constantly squatting, shuffling 15 pound slabs around, bending over, the whole deal.
I was on my knees so long I made Vegas hookers jealous.

And, the day wasn't over. Mark spent all day working and then cleaning two boats, so he didn't get home until after 6pm.
We were invited to our neighbors house for dinner and drinks followed by pumpkin carving.
I did the Oogie Boogie man from The Nightmare Before Christmas.
Freehand, I might add. I think it came out great!!

Sunday I felt like death.
The final moments of my sore throat were still lingering and I needed to get a few things accomplished for the day.
I needed to buy a painting tarp to stage the tile upstairs in the second bedroom until the contractors can install it. I needed donuts, and I needed to go grocery shopping.
Oh, and since I was so sore, took my time guzzling 2 gallons of coffee into my mouth and two donuts and went ahead and re-designed my blog.
The new design fully encompasses how I imagine our bathroom will end up looking like.
A big gray box with sparkles up above. (the chandelier!)

It's a little more grown up, a little more me.  Turning over a new leaf, I suppose.

I'm off to get real work done now. Hope your weekend was filled with fun and spooky projects!
Halloween is right around the corner!!


  1. First of all, I love stemless wine glasses - every time I find one at Goodwill I buy one!

    I had a high school friend that decided to adopt because they tried forever to get pregnant, and it just didn't happen. They welcomed a one month old baby boy to their home, only to get pregnant the next month with twin . . . boys! Fast forward, they are all 14 years old, so I guess you could call them Irish triplets?

    Sending hugs your way! (I am friends with Courtney) :D

  2. I love, love, love your new design! It is so pretty! I also can't wait to see your new bathroom! Sorry you felt sick, I've been the same over here and blame all the cooties from the kids I see every day.

  3. I love the glitter!! And your hubs is probably right but just make him think that that's what you thought all along anyway:) Can't wait to see this bathroom!

  4. Tia, this looks beautiful - GREAT JOB!! I love it!
    I hope you feel better soon - Mike has the horrid cold/cough/sore throat/hacking up a lung thing going. let me tell you, the 11 hours total in the car this weekend with him - pure bliss!

  5. Absolutely love the new design! Hope you get feeling better!

  6. I LOVE your new design Tia :) It's definitely more girly but in a sophisticated sense :) Your hubby is right you're driving yourself (and him I suppose) insane and it is a wonderful idea for you mentally, emotionally, and physically (because they're all linked) to take a step back and keep that idle mind on fun projects and tasks. :) All will happen in due time - your system is probably in shock and needs a break; let your doctor worry about your girly organs and you worry about keeping yourself stable. :) Have a great one Tia! -Iva

  7. Love the look and love donuts! Love seeing the process of the remodel! xoxo, ganeeban

  8. Ugh, I have a head cold, too, but mine is just starting. Waa. It sucks big donkey dicks. Waa again.

    I wish I had your talent in designing blogs, I'd change mine once a month prob. :) Looks great!

  9. Ooooooooh, I'm loving the new sparkles!! Looks great. You and Mark sure had your work cut out for you this weekend, but just think how amazing it will be in the end. Hope you're feeling better today <3