Oct 14, 2014

A (week)day in the life...

Fancy seeing you here.
I am gearing up for a two day work event local to Chicago.
Part of this event requires my full attention to detail regarding a fun little cocktail party.
The boozes are ordered, menu selected, glassware delivered, & fun jazzy music in tow.

And while I'm schmoozing with some University folk, you can take a peek into my typical (work)week.

5:15am- First alarm goes off if I'm working out (which I do Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday)
     Hit snooze
5:25am- Second alarm goes off and I get up
     Change into workout clothes and squeeze in 30-40 minutes of kickboxing or barre
5:40am- Mark's first of one million alarm clocks goes off. Mine is set for 6 (if I'm not working out) but once the alarm rings, I'm awake.
6:00am- My alarm goes off finally and I hit snooze because I remembered (for once!) that I actually picked out my work clothes the night before.
     Immediately fall back to sleep.
     Otherwise I mentally "shop" my closet during these ten minutes to figure something out.
6:10am- Up for real. I pee, brush my teeth, splash my face (like those Neutrogena commercials) with     ice cold water, then nearly slip from the water mess I made.

     Proceed to clean up water mess and head downstairs.
     Pre-make coffee. I take mine with half a spoonful of sugar, and 2 tbls vanilla creamer
     Pack food: I make a daily overnight oats (oatmeal, vanilla almond milk, peanut butter, greek yogurt)      for breakfast, grab an apple, an avocado, and my Amy's frozen meal.
     (I stash sunflower seeds, trail mix, peanut butter, honey, and Cholula, at my desk)

6:20am- Shower
6:35am- Kiss Mark goodbye, dry off, lotion up, pet dog, get dressed
6:45am- Start make-up, let dogs out again
6:50am- Run around like a crazy person in the house, rearranging baby gates, turning off lights, pouring my coffee, bring dogs in and separate, lock doors and turn off exterior lights.
6:55am- Start drying hair
7:07am- Alarm goes off to remind me I have one whole minute before I must begin walking to the train
     Panic because I'm not done straightening my hair. Resolve to at least get the top most layers.
     Run to grab my shoes, coat, scarf, purse, lunch bag, and whatever else I have to schlep for the day
     Leave the house
     Run back into the house and grab coffee

7:15am- Hop onto train and try not to sweat too much after the hustle from home
     Catch up on blogs, check Instagram, my bosses schedule for the day, and make sure there are no emergency emails that will need full attention when I get in
8:13am- Arrive to the city and start walking to work
8:30am- Arrive at work
4:20pm- Leave work
4:45pm- Catch the train
5:32pm- Get off the train and head home
5:40pm- Arrive at my house finally
5:41pm- Take off pants

5:42pm- Pet dogs who are both jumping on me at the same time, say Hi to Mark
5:45pm- Wash off make-up
5:50pm- put pj's on
6:00pm- Pour myself a glass of wine or crack open a beer (OH, the drama!!)

     Play fetch with dogs and let them burn off energy
     Chat with Mark about the day and what to do for dinner
7:00pm- Start dinner
7:30pm- Eat dinner and feed dogs

8:00pm- Clean up and retreat upstairs to stretch, prepare for the next day, and chill out
8:45-9:30pm- Lights out

Super exciting right?
What is your typical week-day routine? I must admit I am a huge fan of routine for most things. Especially when it comes to getting to and coming from work.
Happy hump day loves!


  1. You're pretty religious about your routine huh? Jeez in bed by 9:30 - I don't remember the last time I went to bed at that time, on purpose anyway. I SHOULD go to bed at 10 but that doesn't normally ever happen and I end up going to bed around 11. It's not a good thing but I'm not very good at getting myself into bed on time esp since the bf gets home sometimes as late as 9:30PM for the next few weeks. Ah well! Have a great one Tia! -Iva

  2. I am pretty much the same way, only I don't work out in the morning and do it (usually) when I get home from work at 3:345(ish).

  3. Pretty typical--only my alarm goes off 12 times before I can make it out of bed:)

  4. I dream of going to bed that early, if I've eaten dinner by then I'm happy :) xoxo, ganeeban

  5. Hee hee the pants off dance made me laugh!!!!! :)

  6. Your day doesn't sound too much different from mine. Except for doing different work during the day. I'm in my pajamas within minutes of getting home too.

  7. I'm not a snooze button girl. Once the alarm goes off, I'm up. Now Steve will hit snooze 324268744623846 times, it drives me friggen insane.