Sep 5, 2014

When worlds collide...

Happy Friday lovelies.
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I wanted to clue everyone into a few updates and an exciting encounter this week!

Firstly, let's talk Clomid. Two rounds in and I can honestly say that I hate two major side effects.
The first being that I run hot most of the time and the night sweats are getting out of control.
I found a funny solution though. At least, for one of them.
If I shower at night and leave my hair wet, it seems to literally cool me off. And I would much rather deal with a damp pillow than an entirely damp bed, as has been the case for the past couple of weeks.

The other super fun part has been mid-section weight gain.
I managed to split a pair of my favorite grundgy jeans right up the ass over the weekend.
That made me feel super svelte, let me tell ya!
I almost want to blame the dryer, but I have felt bigger for a bit. It's so odd. Granted, I did take a week off from working out, and my appetite has been out of control, but I didn't think it would be so....sudden. It may be an all over issue, but I have mostly noticed it between my waist and my upper thighs.
It prompted me to get back on track, although, I am starving most of the time.

I was chatting with Mark over the weekend, and we both are hoping that this is the last cycle of taking fertility drugs, it just seems a tad unfair that I am already experiencing pregnancy symptoms when there is no pregnancy.

And as an update to this statement, another cycle bit the dust.
The nurse at my practice believes I will be on one more Clomid cycle and then I need to go to a fertility specialist. My doc chatted with me that afternoon and suggested I stay with 50mg.
Reason being? My progesterone numbers were good.
Prior to medication, Day 21 was 7.4. During medication, it's 15.8. Much better, I suppose.

And honestly, the whole idea that they immediately said I only had one more chance spun me into panic-mode. And of course I had a tiny pity party, and called Mark, and vented.

In speaking with my doctor, I voiced my concerns about the whole, moving onto a fertility specialist thing, not only for the money involved, but the whole shebang. She told me she doesn't necessarily think I have to stop at 3 cycles of Clomid, some people can ask for a couple more and they approve it.
The most frustrating part to me, is everyone, including myself, seems to think that there isn't anything wrong with me or Mark.  All of our tests came back to the normal range, so then I asked if she thought we weren't timing things appropriately, regardless of my OCD tendencies with temping and peeing on sticks.  She suggested starting earlier and going longer....duh. So I guess it's ball to the wall this cycle.

Don't worry about me though. I'm actually feeling a lot better already.
Nothing a good margarita with MarlaJan from Luck Fupus and some Ibuprofen can't fix!

Oh how I slipped that little bit in? I met the one and only MJ today during her trip to Chi-town! Her and her (super sexy) hubby and I sat in a booth on a beautifully sunny day and caught up like we were old friends.  I have said since we met over a hilarious nose tampon email exchange, that I am so, so very glad we crossed paths.  She is a beautiful, humble, hilarious lady, and I am so happy to say she is a part of my life!
I normally don't reach out to bloggers that much to meet in real life, but I had different feelings about MJ. She is a girl after my own heart and our little extended lunch break wasn't nearly enough time to talk about our entire lives. I have a feeling a trip to Philly may be in my near future!

And finally, have you checked out the #trackthetank tab at the top of this blog? I am constantly updating it as the motivational tank Candra and I have shipped out makes it way all over the U.S.
It has been a great way to find out what motivates everyone to be their best and to learn about other bloggers in the process.

That's it for me. Onto another weekend of decent weather and hopefully another dip in the pool!
What are your weekend plans? I have a feeling I am going to be getting a lot of football answers!

Have a good one!


  1. this whole fertility thing stinks so bad for you! I'm so sorry! I feel ya on the night sweats - I went through a month long phase of those right after Tate. Holy hell, it was disgusting! I didn't do that w/ the other two boys so I was quite surprised by it this time. Ick!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  2. That's so cool you gals got to meet! I'm happy for you!!! And I laughed out loud at the word 'svelte!' Even through all of this somehow you seriously still look fantastic. I'm serious. Routing hard for try #3 - third times a charm, right...?!

  3. Best of luck with the whole fertility thing - I can only imagine how frustrating it is for you; especially since you're experiencing the pregnancy symptoms without the pregnancy. No fair! MJ! I'm thinking of making a day trip to Philly to bug her and see my cousin who lives there too - I've been a bad cousin. :P She's awesome indeed!! Have a great weekend Tia! -Iva

  4. I'm sorry you're having to deal with the whole fertility thing. I know so many people who have been there. Hoping things work quickly for you!

  5. How did I miss this post! I saw our little faces pop up on the bottom of today's blog I just commented on! LOL LOL. Get your asses to Philly, this is a great time of year to visit! <3