Sep 23, 2014

Sex Confession

I am about to confess all sorts of goodies today, because I feel that AWESOME and it's awesome to feel awesome.

(disclaimer: I apologize to any family members who stumble upon this post, it might be best if you don't continue on. But if you do, I don't want to hear about it at Thanksgiving. All my love.)

And with that, let's get dirty.

No, that's not me. Sorry.
Ever since we just decided to stop timing sex around the days that I thought were good for TTC, and just committed to doing it every other day, I can honestly say my overall attitude with life has changed.

I am straight up happy.
I let things slide. I don't get strung out over dumb shit. I
And I blame it all on multiple week orgasms.
There, I said it. Getting laid is making my day.

I would highly recommend it.

Not that we didn't get down and dirty before. It just wasn't nearly as often. It was just one of those things that we kept putting off because it's easy (like me, apparently) when your work day is too long (that's what she said), or you are too stressed out or life is just too hard (bazinga).

We stopped looking at it as a chore and just decided to make it a part of our life, as another thing we do during the week. Like showering or making dinner.

Just do it. And do it. And do it well.

And not just "pound out a quickie" sex. I'm talking actually pleasing each other. Making it longer than five minutes sex. Take time and make sure #yougetsyours and not just #himgettinghis, because we all know how easy it is for the men to get off.
It's YOU that matters.
So if your man isn't cutting it, go out and #treatyoself to a toy with some AA's.  And then hide that shit when you have company because you know people like to snoop.
Then you won't be such a frigid bitch all the time because you just slapped the sausage.
Or got slapped with it...either way.
Coitus is the key to anti-crazy eyes. Bite the bullet and bend over.

Tell him what to do, where to you like it.
Be bold enough to take charge as needed.
Get what you need because I can guarantee you will a much happier person.

Make him happy too, though. Like I said, it's easy. Being naked usually does the trick, but sometimes it's nice to hop into a little outfit here and there, give him a little something different.

Confession: I HATE dressing up in those outfits. They are uncomfortable and restricting, but men are visual cavemen when it comes to that junk, so just deal with it every now and then. He will love you long time for it!

Everything post-sex has that warm, fuzzy Mayfair Instagram filter on it. Wouldn't you agree?

But to be honest, I don't really know if this honeymoon phase of relations will last forever, but it sure as hell is fun now. And it's getting colder out, and I'm cheap, so it helps keep things heated, if you catch my drift :wink:wink:

Your turn to confess: how often are you getting some? Do you think it makes a difference in your home, life, and attitude? Do you make sure to make it even or feel like it's always about  him?

Happy Hump Day loves! (No seriously, go get laid!)

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  1. Lmao love this! Yes, men are visual cavemen indeed- my bf has a thing for French Maids so when he returned from his Army training two years ago I surprised him with that - he went NUTS! I think the every other day is a really good policy - thinking I'll have to try and implement that since some times we all get lazy and "tired." No excuses, get it in! Happy Hump Day Tia! -Iva

  2. hahaha we don't get down as much as we should, because I am the one always thinking about what I have to do next and what I am running late to do. I'm the buzzkill, which is funny because I could swear I used to be fun.

  3. I completely agree with this! More sex equals a happier relationship!!

  4. I agree totally!!! This was actually one of the big problems in my marriage. If you let it go it fucks up a lot of other aspects of your relationship! And make sure you keep it up after those babies come!!

  5. I need to stop letting life get in the way and get down more often because you are right, seriously the more often the better when it comes to being and feeling happy for us ladies!

  6. Oh Tia - you never cease to amaze me or make me laugh :)
    Ummmmm, well, things change after kids, for sure. The energy! I try, I promise - it's just different.

  7. Well, THIS just made my fucking day. Thing complaint I always hear most from couples who are TTC is that sex being a chore. I'm glad that you and the mans are getting your groove on, because there's nothing like multiple orgasms to turn that frown upside down. And that's a medical fact. Because, endorphins.

  8. Love this post! People are always so scared/ashamed to talk about sex (myself can be included at times). It's nice to read a post from a woman who is proud and confident in the subject. My relationship is in the infancy stage (less than 1 year), so you know that means we are still all about doing the deed. Unless one of us is out of town, we don't go longer than 2 days (hella over sharing, but YOU asked)! Happy humping!! xoxo, ganeeban