Sep 9, 2014

Lifestyle changes

Happy hump day loves,
Since last week, when realizing cycle 2 didn't take, I have decided to clean up my act a bit.
I am hoping to give myself the best possible odds at beating this whole mystery infertility thing.
Here's my game plan:

No tracking: It's damn near impossible to not know what cycle day I am the beginning because I have to take pills on certain days, but other than that, I don't plan to track anything in either my Fertility Friend or Countdown to Pregnancy accounts, nor constantly double check the calendar. (which I basically do, every day all day)
Of course I have another Day 21 draw, but outside of these two set milestones, the goal is to chill. the F. Out.

Timing: It will shape up to a bit of "marathon" training, if you catch my drift. We are both on board to go every other day and just hope and pray that something catches.

Eating: My eating habits are rather decent, but the early evening snacking is out.
No more desserts or donuts.

Drinking: This may be my biggest weakness. I love a good tallboy to wind down a gross work day.
However, it's negative for baby-making, therefore, I am planning to cut all week-day drinking out, and keep it to two drinks per day max on the weekends. More specifically, no more sugary Mike's or mixed drinks. Beer and wine only.

Oh sweet nectar of the gods how I will miss you


Sweating: My goal is to do 20-30 minutes 4x/week during the week, before work, of a boxing/weight lifting based home circuit. Weekends are the time for longer runs and walks.

Stress: I will have none of it. No home refinance woes, no work problems, no drama. Obviously there are things that are out of my control, but it's time to Namaste, bitches.

Pray: Pray to sweet baby, 5 pound 7 ounce, Jesus that we are rockstars and can do this shit on. our. own. I'll pray, you pray, we all pray for bay-bay.

September is an odd month. There is nothing to look forward to really outside of the hope for a warm weekend to extend pool time. We aren't huge football fans (or sports fans in general, but I will not pass up an invitation to crock-pot the shit out of some chili and throw on a cute jersey).
We are planning to organize and get back to a more steady schedule, although the lazies of the summer still creep up most of the time.

How do you spend September?
Any more advice for baby-making? I take everything you have to offer!!


  1. These all sound like good logical things to do. I never really had trouble TTC except that as I got older it took longer as opposed to the first time. For the second time since it was taking forever and I wanted a boy I read the book "How To Choose the Sex of Your Baby" followed that method for a few months and got pregnant... with a boy. So I swear it works. I know you don't care about the sex but it's an interesting read anyway when you are immersed in all things babymaking lol. Good luck!!!

  2. Sorry no baby making advice from me =\ I love September, Fall really starts to kick in and the weather is awesome - you start to see the pumpkins and the mood starts to shift more towards a holiday sensation. Looking forward to this holiday season and some cooler weather. Plus, VEGAS TOMORROW! I will drink for you don't worry! Happy Hump Day Tia! -Iva

  3. keep getting jiggy with it! That's all I got, since I try extremely hard to not make babies. Just saying.

  4. My goodness how about the 'just don't think about it advice?' I mean, I hate it - it's impossible. But so many stories seem to work that way….

    I'm praying!!!!!!

  5. Sending positive thoughts your way! I think this relax/focus on other things and hope it happens approach is the way to do it. I know you are still "trying" but it is always when you stop trying that something happens! I'm over here on a 50 day no-alcohol challenge so I'll be right there with you on the no-booze. Best of luck to you and your hubby!

  6. Maybe I'm super late, damn vacation, but love the new look! Love the outlook and I know there are plenty of women who would love this list, who are probably in a similar situation! xoxo, ganeeban

  7. First of all, crock pot the shit out of s/t!!!! Bah ha ha haaaaa!!!! Love it!!!

    B.) Have you considered trying some Eastern Medicine tactics to aid in your fertility/getting pregnant goals?? I just saw on the Today Show a couple days ago where Bobbi Thomas is starting her 3rd round of IVF so she is also adding in acupuncture and cupping. She said it helps immensely with her stress, and some people swear by the acupuncture for getting pregnant. Just thought I'd throw it out there for you. Now go chill the eff out! :)

  8. I'm sitting here watching football with the hubs (who you met! So crazy!) and finally catching up on blog reading and emails. I don't have any baby making advice, per se, I guess just keep at it like a bunch of horny teenagers. I heart you, now get your Namaste on!