Sep 1, 2014

Laissez les bon temps rouler

Happy Labor Day! Let the good times roll, indeed. 
I'm back to doing what I love. Spilling my guts to the internet.

I have found, in the last couple of weeks, that I just adore writing. 
Part of my little bit of soul searching made me realize I was getting caught up in the business aspect of blogging too much and not focusing on the feelings and connections.
I, in no way shape or form, will ever be able to grow this blog into a business.
Business is a harsh world. I am already elbow deep in the business world in real life, and just having my family and blog to come home to make dealing with assholes so much easier.

As you have seen, I gave my blog a little hyper-colored make-over. One that I am SURE doesn't speak volumes to many of you, but I just love it.

So what else has changed?

Sponsors: I am combining two original efforts to spread the love, so to speak, between us bloggers.
The first effort was a "pimp yourself out" edition where I had the option of free sponsors each month.
Then there was the paid sponsor opportunity. One that gave you more exposure and guaranteed new followers.
I have decided to do the following. And be sure to read the FINE PRINT HERE.

The first post of every month will allow six lucky bloggers the chance to have their button on my sidebar for the month. Those six that were chosen have the option to do 1 of 2 upgrades.
The first upgrade is the Shout Out Upgrade and the second is the Interview Upgrade.
Both receive entries into the end of month gift card giveaway that allows you guaranteed new followers from your social media outlet of choice.  The biggest disclaimer in the paid opportunities is I need 3 volunteers in total to move forward. If I don't get three paid sponsors each month, then no dice.
We'll try again next month.

Please leave a comment in this post with your blog link if you want a free/paid sponsor opportunity!

Blog Design:  I have decided to put design on the back burner. I don't think I am emotionally cut out for negative feedback, either to my face or posted on someone else's blog. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth and I don't like it one bit.  My pricing and my design process were different than other people's blog designs, and I don't have to justify either. I based my pricing (although higher) than other designers because I had always tried to do my best to not have every design be cookie cutter, which is rather common these days. This in turn took more time to complete. But alas, I managed to get through a handful of designs before it back-fired. Well, onwards and upwards.
The perks to the few designs I did led to my fabulous new bag purchase and moving forward I will be able to focus on stuff that actually matters in know, real life.

The goal of this blog moving forward will be niched in the ever-elusive Lifestyle sector, as it has always been. I would love to help out other bloggers and have as many readers as possible love our blogs as much as we love our own.

Life is good right now. In fact, it's great.
I have a couple posts coming up that kind of hit on the road block I just encountered.
More blogging in the future!


  1. Glad to see you back and with a whole new look - wow! It looks great! I love the colors, very you :) Looking forward to reading what you have in store!

  2. I love the bright colors! They are different and eye catching. I also like the restructuring of your sponsors! It seems so much simpler.

  3. I like the colors! As long as you're happy with it then that's all that counts, I think the pop against the white is always awesome! No one needs negativity so bump that and let the good times roll - do what you enjoy and makes you happy no need to add stress. I will be sponsoring on Friday - I have to add more sponsorships to my repertoire. What's the payment method - I like using PassionFruitAds, it's very easy :) :P Have a great one Tia! -Iva

  4. Glad you're back - loving the blog design! :) Sorry there were negative nillies out there - they suck. You don't. Looking forward to more posts from you!

  5. I guess I missed this post when I was on vacation, so I had to come back and read it (after reading today's post 9/15)! I'm so new to all this, I do think it's neat that you (and a few other bloggers) promote each others blogs! I'm still so new to it all, but I do enjoy the feeling of community. I enjoy your new design/color switch up and tell those that don't to kick rocks ;) Happy Monday! xoxo, ganeebaqn