Sep 18, 2014

Festive Fall Touches

Ever since summer turned to fall in the blink of an eye and I said farewell to lazy weekends in the pool, my sights have turned inward, to my home.
I don't think I spent more than two minutes actually looking at each room, unless you count the bathroom mirror and shower wall. Those, I stare at almost daily.

There is much to be done. Much to be organized. Much to be renovated.
But until then?
We get festive.

 A few pumpkins here, a swirly corn cob there, and all of a sudden, I am starting to embrace the cooler temps, knowing there is always a blanket close by to keep me warm.

Also! I bit the bullet and bought a few festive candles.

Bath & Body is having a 2 for $22 deal for these three-wick candles.
I added a fun pumpkin candle holder for $8 and then snagged an online coupon for $10 of $30 with coupon code LOVEFALL10.  Go get you some!

Mark doesn't understand the idea of mums. As part of his job requires him to landscape various towns, he loathes the idea of all the work put into these flowers for "such a short period of month, max."  Therefore, we don't do mums. Because everyone knows I can kill a cactus. But by all means....I will plant them, but if they don't magically water themselves, it's over.

However, eyeing some Pinterest images has me thinking otherwise:

What little bit of festive decor I have around my house is just the playing field for a ridiculous amount of Halloween decor that will soon clutter every room.
I do believe I am in dire need of a few new pieces, for the inside, seeing as we don't get any trick-or-treaters to our door. Because four tubs worth of spooky are clearly not enough. I have also bought all the cheesecloth money can buy from Amazon so if you were planning to get some, you are SOL (just kidding, there probably is still a few scraps.)

Have you started decorating for fall and/or Halloween? I am trying to keep myself to an October 1 start date, but just the thought of all the creepy decor has me all giddy already.


Have you guys met Iva? She blogs over at Yes I'm Crazy, That's Why I'm Awesome, or, Why I'm Cray, for short.

Iva is not your typical lifestyle blogger. I actually started reading her blog after stumbling upon a comment she made to another's blog.  And then my inner geek rejoiced a bit. Fun fact: I actually dig reading articles and books that teach me things. Yes, I know, it's crazy to admit, considering I have US Weekly on repeat, but seriously, if you ever want Iva to drop some knowledge on you without sounding too science-y, her blog is the place to be!
This post is a good starting point if you need to catch up. It outlines a bunch of fun tidbits that she has recently written about (all true!) 
Her bit about Fibonacci numbers made me swoon!
(see, told you I am a geek)

And....when most of us are hopping on some sort of health and fitness challenge with other bloggers, she is over in her little corner of the world making a point to be a better DJ. How cool is that?

You can follow along with her blog via Bloglovin' and Twitter!
Have a fun weekend and make sure you take a moment to say Hi to Iva!


  1. Love love love the fall BBW candles... I'm burning Sweater Weather now and absolutely can't get enough!

  2. I LOVE to decorate for fall and halloween. I am that crazy person who has spider webs stuff everywhere. This year, I have't even started though, so I admire all your pumpkins and corn cobs :)

  3. Lol you're so cute getting giddy over creepy decor - I'm ready for Christmas decor!!! Definitely going to pinterest that ish like cray this season!! Haven't started yet though my bf would freak OUT! LoL. He'll be like "don't be that person" - Thanks for the blurb love!! Happy to hear you enjoy my random articles :P Hope all is going well with you and enjoy the decorating phase!! Tis the season!! Have a great weekend lady!!! xoxo -Iva

  4. LOVE this post! As SOON as there is a chill in the air I'm all pumpkins apples leaves sweaters blankets red wine - NOW!!!! There is no stopping it. I've held back on decorating the home but have definitely been burning a fall candle or two ;)

  5. Love my Iva!!! I haven't done much by ways of decorating for the fall. I loooove your drink tray with the martini glasses and corn/pumpkins.