Sep 30, 2014

Etsy finds

Since we are on the topic of Etsy purchases, (check out my ETSY SHOP for a spooky Halloween blog header or print for your home! Don't forget to use code THRILLER for 50% all orders now through Halloween!) I wanted to highlight some of my finds today.
Etsy is fabulous and terrible at the same time.
It's fabulous because you can find unique items at decent prices. It's terrible because there are literally pages upon pages of items to scroll through.

Since I am all about Halloween and fall right now, I wanted to show you a couple of items that I am either going to purchase or already have purchased that fit the bill for a fabulously festive season!

"When I sip" sweatshirt (sold out)  // "I'm so Fancy" mug // skull print infinity scarf (sold out) // Halloween sweatshirt
 I am in love with that infinity scarf. I actually wear it daily with my jacket during the cooler, but not yet winter, temps. I am definity buying that Halloween sweatshirt because DUH!, Halloween.  the IWYP sweatshirt was a one and done deal on Whitney's blog a few weeks ago and I am obsessed! And cooler temps call for a much higher consumption of hot chocolate and coffee, so it's only fitting to have a fancy worded mug to go with it!

So tell me, what items have you scored on Etsy? What are you favorite go-to shops!?

Also! The winner of the Halloween themed Blog header is Kati Jewell!
Katie, I will email you to collect some info and you will have a fun header to include for Halloween (or this entire month!) at your disposal!!

Happy Hump day loves!


  1. I nerver think to hit up Etsy as often as I'd like, but when I do.... Man, watch out! I had a big monogram decal made for our bed, I have a print of all the Philadelphia neighborhoods (still needs a frame), I had a bracelet made for my sister. Loooooove the skull scarf!

  2. That Halloween sweatshirt is the cutest!

  3. I wanted that IWYP shirt so bad, but sadly it was not in this months budget. One day I will do better. One day.

  4. I have an etsy problem. Like, I get lost on there for hours and literally buy everything. I'm obsessed! And ok that sweatshirt is toooo cute!

  5. Lol that first sweater is gangster - I need to have that! I love sipping ;) Let's sip! Have a great one Tia! -Iva

  6. I need to spend more time on Etsy. I always find cute stuff...when I bother to take a look...