Sep 8, 2014

Easy like Sunday morning

Good morning. I hope you had a relaxing and productive weekend.
We spent Sunday morning watching an F1 race, bright an early, while the dogs lounged around like they own the place.
I spent the majority of the time researching all things Italy.
I think we want to spend our 10 year anniversary there, and I suppose a six year head may be a tad overkill, but you see, we have never been out of the country. I know, I know! So I want to know about all the things.

This weekend was our first glimpse of fall, although, that didn't stop us from hopping in the pool again.
70 degree temps have nothing on an abundance of sunshine!

Fall brings a bunch of to-do's to the forefront. I have a list a mile long of all the things I want to clean, organize, re-do. Although, I have been a bit lazy to get started. There will be plenty of time to clean, once the weather cools off. That's when the house looks the best, right? Or maybe it's the dim lighting that hides the dirt and grime. I'll take it, either way.

I hit up Target for a quick run to buy a stash of fun and useful items for one of my best friends. She just had her first baby this week and is doing fabulously. Of course, I couldn't leave Target without buying a few things for myself, so I grabbed a few comfy items perfect for lounging in front of a fire!

I was so happy to hear about her birth story. She did use a midwife, and although I am far from granola, I wanted to hear about how her story went. I'm all for different opinions, and I do like the idea that they are more "do what you feel like doing" but with all the necessary hospital technology.  My obgyn is ok, but it couldn't hurt do some research to see if perhaps there is a better fit. 
But no worries, I couldn't imagine not using an epidural but I think I could be strong enough to go as long as possible without one....maybe.  Anyways, neither here nor there until I actually get knocked up.

What is it with Target? Is there a $150 threshold that you can't leave without crossing? I do have to return a few items (because I NEVER try on anything before buying) which would bring my total to just over $100, but damn....that place has a huge spell on me every time I go!!

Anyways, we were torn between staying indoors and watching the first Bears game or hanging by the pool.
Can you guess which option won out?  Oh yes.....outdoors for the win. It's not nearly cool enough to consider wasting such beautiful weather.

Speaking of....I need to head out and get in a long walk/run to get the day started. 
Have a good one!


  1. I can't read your blog posts anymore:( Your face is in the way lol

  2. Wish it was warme nough for the pool still here! It's cold!

    Good thing you stayed outside and didn't watch the bears wasn't pretty!

    1. We did catch the 4th quarter and OT, which we probably shouldn't have. The Saints didn't do any better! And thanks again for telling me my site was wonky! It's the equivalent of having food in your teeth and no one telling you!

  3. That's exciting for your friend :) Does she live near you? Yeah I had an epidural, I didn't want one but ended up being for the best. Target is a TRAP! I just went there the other day and I usually don't cross the $100 threshold but I went clothes shopping for my son and he is an exception to the threshold, lol. :) Have a great one Tia!! -Iva

  4. I'm really loving this new design, although I miss you, mark and the pups at the top! Now when I see the picture to the left, I get all giddy cause I've seen that face in person!!! Congrats to your friend, I'm going to assume she is the one you were telling me about. Even though it is already Thursday, glad you enjoyed last weekend. I miss Chicago, trying to convince Steve to move!