Aug 6, 2014

I'm in love with a new man

Last night I realized I had been missing something kind of important in my life.
A void only a new man could fill. (twss)
I had been contemplating the switch for a while, but was always nervous to take the leap.
This next step is important and one that I couldn't take lightly.

I spent hours weighing my options. I knew I had to make the move, but to who?
I'm not even sure what I like.....where to start.
Who would make me love them at first sight? Is that even possible?
Well I am here to tell you, that yes, yes it is possible.
Is it absolutely possible to lay eyes on a new man and know, in that very instant, he is meant to be yours.

We belong together.

Meet my new man...
Mr. Zac Posen

He is strong. He is sturdy. He is everything I need and desire.
Made of cross-hair leather and polished gold hardware, the architecture surrounding this bag is the epitome of me.

My list of must-haves for a new bag included the following:

Big enough to take the place of my current double bag-lady status.
Sturdy enough to with-stand my Chicago commute, both on foot and via train.
Strong enough to hold up against the elements.
A front compartment to hold my daily essentials: Metra pass, phone, chapstick, and tissues.
Timeless in design and color to endure new trends, outfits, and seasons.


I think this bag covers all of the above.

I can't brag enough about the way this bag is made. For the first time in my life, I see what it's like to own a well made bag, and WHY they cost what they do.
The stitching, the hardware details, the heaviness of the clasps, the whole shebang.

They are worth every penny.
I regret nothing...not even the price tag (which has always been the biggest reason for me not "splurging.")

Seeing as this is my birthday month and I have comfortably settled into my 30's, we have no kids (yet) and I work hard for my money....I decided....why not?

I showed a co-worker my final 3 picks, although secretly Zac was my favorite.
I told her and she immediately said BUY IT.

Now, I purchased this bag at vs. a retail store or anywhere else.
Why? Because their customer service and shipping/return policy is unparalleled.
I ordered this bag on Monday, and it was delivered to my front porch by Tuesday afternoon.
No sales tax, no wait.

Plus, as long as I keep all the original packaging, I get to test drive the bag FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR, and still return it (pending I don't ruin it)....but honestly, I see no reason to do so unless something asinine happens and it breaks in the next month.

Disclaimer: I know this bag is a decent amount of money. Maybe more than what most people would say is necessary. Trust me...I'm with you. I have justified this purchase knowing I will use it every. damn. day. and when you do the math.....even at just five years...we are talking pennies per day and the value is priceless.

Not to mention I am about to be 31 and this is probably the FIRST major personal purchase I have ever gifted myself. Seriously. All my money goes to my home renovations and my dogs.

So I did. And I'm thrilled. I can't stop staring at it. I waltzed into work this morning a little taller, a little more confident, with a tiny big more swagger (if that's even possible). Ha!

Tell me....what was your FIRST major purchase? What made you take the plunge and were you as obsessed as me!?!?


  1. I'm SO happy for you! This bag could not be more beautiful and it is SO YOU which is just fantastic!

    I feel the exact same way about my two LV's. I have the dark print for fall/winter which was purchased when L was 18 months. I carry it EVERY SINGLE day in the fall/winter and it's held up perfectly.

    The spring version was purchased a few years later and same story - it's still in awesome shape. This is after lugging diapers, and sippy cups, and snacks, etc. Totally worth the money invested, all around! I haven't purchased a purse in YEARS.

  2. New relationships are amazing ;) Love the bag and I did NOT know Zappos let you keep things for one year and then return if you see fit?!? xoxo, ganeeban

  3. LOVE IT! There are times when you absolutely deserve the splurge, especially when it's something as timeless as this. Good choice!

  4. cute!!! Michael Kors and I have same the loving relationship.