Aug 1, 2014

Cool weather changes

I have an itch.
Summer time is (unfortunately) winding down and with the cooler weather comes me getting antsy about what I'm going to do to stay busy in the winter when I can't go outside and do fun things.

I was texting a friend yesterday that I have a bunch of goals and to do's already lined up of things I would like to get accomplished pre-baby, because we all know the money will magically disappear afterward.

Since August is my birthday month and I am turning 31, it only seems appropriate that I (finally) buy myself an adult purse. I seem to literally tear through each cheap-o purse I acquire in a matter of months and it's about time to consider some more sturdy options. Read: expensive.

I almost can't bring myself to do it. I know I should. I deserve it and the hell if it wouldn't be one of my most favorite words: functional.
But, I need something for all seasons that blends easily with multiple outfit colors, can be used each day, and it preferably a cross-body design or has that type of capability. Again, for function. I also hate bags that have a designer's logo splattered all of it.

I honestly don't know where to start. See, I haven't been to a physical store that sells garments and accessories (outside of T.J. Maxx, obviously) in years.
No strip malls, no real malls, no anything.
I can hardly stand people in bulk and always feel like I get ripped off for some reason.

But alas, I am headed to the dreaded mall to scope out some options.

Also, my upstairs is in dire need of personalization.
We moved in and I updated and designed the entryway sitting room and our living room because, duh, it was fall and that is the heart of the home and I couldn't stand the thought of having to sit in the same room, day after day, staring at blank walls.

Our upstairs currently holds our bedroom, two attached spare rooms and a bathroom. The bedrooms are the same off-white color they were painted where we moved. And besides our minimal furniture, nothing has been done.
Now, when we initially found this house and did our first walk-through, I would be lying if I told you I didn't cry in agony over how ugly the upstairs bathroom was.
Here is proof:

As you can see, it is an interesting old-lady/80's combo complete with racing stripe cabinets and flowered wall paper that was seemingly thrown up last minute as it clearly doesn't match anything besides the ugly window shade.
Also, please note that although we do have a huge tub, there is no shower head. Womp womp.

My inspiration is to upgrade the bathroom based on these Pinterest images:

Did I mention that this will be a DIY project because A) it's cheaper and B) I hate being on another person's schedule and C) I don't want a contractor in my house when I'm not home....seems weird.

Anyways, that is the big goal this winter.

If I have time, I'd like to decorate our bedroom since it always gets pushed to the backburner
and maybe get lucky enough to design a nursery/play room while I'm at it! Eeeek!!

What are you goals/plans for the fall and winter? Anything new and exciting?


  1. Girl, get yourself a designer bag! They are worth it. And if a part of the leather gets worn out from wear and tear they will usually replace it for only the cost of shipping. I have had my Burberry bags straps replaced for only $20.

    1. I know...I guess I need to take the plunge. I'm label-phobic so hopefully I can find something nice. Also!! hurry up and change your Blogger settings so that all us responders can email you a lovely response vs. these weird inline replies! It's under the Blogger Profile.

  2. I really like Michael Kors bags. I need them to be functional and durable- they seem to be both. I can't wait to see your bathroom upgrade!

  3. I love the color scheme for your re deco! I want a Louie for the status, but I hate the LV all over it! I'm so vain and materialistic...I realize this. I don't have one, because spending over $500 on a purse is ludicrous, but it doesn't mean I don't want it! Treat yourself, there are some cool, less expensive ones that will do exactly what you're looking for :) MK has good ones w/out too much flashy logos!! xoxo, ganeeban

  4. I am 27 and still carrying around a backpack as a purse lol I need a big girl purse HAHAHA
    I love the bathroom design you're planning!!!

  5. Whoa, yea, hideous bathroom! Who the heck put that combo together?!? Glad you're going to rescue it!

    yay for baby rooms!!! :)

    We need to paint our living room. That is one project we need to complete before it's too cold to have the windows open. And I'd love to cut a giant hole in the wall in said living room and put in a big ol' window to let in sunshine for warmth int he winter and to open windows for a breeze the rest of the year. Those are pricey and I don't know if I can talk my husband into forking out the moola for it yet or not. We'll see...

  6. I'm so with you friend. I have the itch well. I feel like life is......stagnant right now. Which, I should enjoy, right? Boring can be good. With baseball season dying down and B giving me a glimpse here and there of being independent and nothing going on with the house I just feel......I don't know. Like I need to focus on something but I have nothing to focus on. Need to figure out the next project ASAP. I know once fall hits I will feel it even harder!

  7. Go with Coach. There are so many classic leather bags, you can't go wrong. Plus, there is a lifetime guarantee , so if the zipper breaks or a strap rips, you take it to the store and if it can't be repaired, they will send you a new one.
    I'm kind of obsessed with the gray/yellow color scheme. Gorgeous.
    Yikes, goals for the fall/winter. I haven't even thought that far ahead....