Aug 11, 2014

August reflection

I started writing this post after another successful pool party and another crazy day of waking up coated in sunscreen and sticky beer.
Sleep seems to miss me most nights and I toss and turn. My brain doesn't seem to shut off.
I don't mind, knowing I have these views and the warmth of summer to look forward to.

August is the "official" last month of summer, although I am secretly pining for September to be just as warm. Maybe we will luck out and delay fall temps and clothing and colors for a just a bit more.

A lot of times I look forward to the changing seasons.  Not this time. I want the smell of chlorine to waft in my nostrils every day all day.  Hot apple cider, jackets, scarves, shades of orange, brown, and red can wait. I want neon and green and growth and tan for life.

In the beginning of 2014, Mark and I talked about kids and timing and when we "should" have them. I wanted to go on a 6 month hiatus because honestly, the last year and a half had worn me down. The constant surveillance and monitoring, worrying about timing and all that. I just wanted a break.
And Mark had mentioned that we should just enjoy our summer and figure it out after.
I wanted to get a jump start knowing it would be an uphill battle.

Turns out, we are both realizing we are "getting what we want."  Mark got me the whole summer without having to forgo libations and dealing with a bloated possibly nauseous wife.
I got to start during the summer, only to come up empty handed.
So we move forward. Onto the next cycle with only shedding a few tears. Staying hopeful.

The upside of another busted cycle is I get another month to save money. Another month to plan.
We spent a lot of time in our upstairs bathroom talking about options. Then I spent a lot of time in Menard's staring at things and leaving empty handed. We have a plan and know it'll take some money, but it'll be worth it.
Also, my company doesn't pay for maternity leave so I will need to save for the few months I would be out. It's all possible, and another month just makes it easier to breathe, a tad.

On a different note, stay tuned for a Blog Auction I am participating in with Helene in Between.
I am auctioning off a "Fat Bottom Girl" blogger design package at 50% off. You can't beat that!!
The auction starts on my birthday, August 21....more details to follow!

How was your weekend? Are you looking forward to fall or thinking about packing up and moving for warmer weather?!


  1. How funny, I just wrote in my post how excited I am for fall. ;)

    But seriously, I know you're sad that it didn't happen this cycle, but please for me... Will you enjoy your beer and sunshine while you can?! Someone has to be able to enjoy the summer with alcohol... Not to mention apparently pregnant women get overheated more easily, so I can't even lay out in the sun! I get so jealous when I see your posts! I bet your timing will happen perfectly where you're pregnant for fall, winter, and spring. :)

  2. Well that totally stinks that your company doesn't offer paid maternity!

    I am so not with you on the summer thing - I AM ready for the Fall scents, sounds and sights. Not necessarily ready for summer to move on but knowing it will I am welcoming Fall w/ arms wide open!

    Hang in there, girl, it'll happen! I'm sure of it!

  3. Hope you take advantage of the time you have now and learn to be patient with your body.. jeez no maternity leave? That blows big time. I'd be peeved. I love fall, absolutely love it but the realization of how fast time flies and that schools is starting again when I barely accepted it's completion is daunting and frightening. Oh well, nothing to do but roll with the seasons. :) Have a great one Tia! -Iva

  4. Had a great weekend between your pool party and B's - fun all around, thank you again!

    And I'm with you - normally by now I am aching for fall but I am so scarred from last winter I want nothing but summer. Tans forever baby!

    And of course, staying hopeful with you!

  5. I'm with you, I would like more summer. Fall means change and I'm not in the mood for change right now. Except for college football... Bring. It. On.

  6. I'm so used to summers lasting well into September here, that I don't even think about it ending in August. I probably should knock on wood somewhere, right now! I'm glad you were able to have a libation laden summer! Hoping that it will happen for you guys soon. Can't wait to see how the redeco goes! xoxo, ganeeban