Jul 25, 2014


The norm these days is that blog-land is a bit of a ghost town.
Some people have been freaking out a bit....but honestly, I think it's great.
It means that people aren't relying on technology to have a good time. They are outside and actually talking to other people to entertainment vs. worrying about how many followers/likes/comments they are getting on their blog.

That's awesome.....it sometimes makes me second guess whether I should really be keeping up my own little blog or not.  I like documenting my TTC process and connecting with other bloggers but the minute I start thinking about "how much bigger" I want my blog or "how can I make money" from it....I start to get panicky, like I'm not doing enough.  Originally the goal with adding blog designer to my resume would be a nice little monetary addition to upgrade my house as needed without too much stress on the wallet.

Then summer rolled around and everyone went MIA so that kind of died.
It may pick up in the fall, especially with a project I have brewing.

But I guess my question is, getting back on subject, what do you guys like reading about?
What intrigues you to open someone else's blog post and read it from start to finish?

I'd like to re-vamp the weekly posts, with some sort of better consistency, I suppose.
I may do more "about me" lists and tid-bits like that.
Ultimately, I would like to document the week-by-week, as pregnancy happens....when it ever happens.
Right now I feel like I am kind of flying by the seat of my pants and trying to post last minute so that my sponsors get spotlighted and my readers stay interested....tis the season, I suppose.

What's on the horizon?
Personally, Mark and I are headed to Lake Michigan for Harbor Days where people deck out their boats with lights and decorations to whatever theme they have planned.
We are also heading to the Badlands for a little off-roading in the Hummer.
This week also rings in four whole years being married and 9 years total lovin' on each other.

And what's in store for you, my lovely readers?
The end of month July Sponsor giveaway will be in full swing next week.
You can enter for a chance to win a $25 Target Gift Card by following my super sexy sponsors.

Speaking of sponsors, please meet Jasmine and Lindsay.

Lovely Jasmine blogs over at Fleurty and Fit.  She is at CAMP right now and is reporting back on the glorious faux homeless life. She cracks me up! Girlfriend spend her time working on her fitness and sewing her super cute Fleurty Bands. 
You can follow her on Bloglovin' or IG!
Make sure you stop by and tell her Tia sent ya!!

Lindsay blogs over Bourbon, Lipstick, and Stilettos. I started following her blog after she reached out to me for a re-design. Which, by the looks at it, she likes to change up as much as her make-up!  Her new blog design is fresh-faced, just like her take on make-up and product reviews.  This Kentuckian encourages people to step outside their comfort zone and try new beauty and fashion products...which I love because I hardly ever buy anything without someone else confirming it is awesome first!
You can follow BLS via Bloglovin' and IG! Tell her Tia sent ya!

Have a great weekend everyone!! There is only one month left of summer....enjoy every minute!


  1. I like real posts that let me know more about who I am reading, and funny posts. I dont care for weekend recaps but I read some of them :) Love your blog girl!

  2. I love your sense of humor so anything funny - more train stories pls!!! ;) Also documenting your pregnancy, when it happens, week by week would be awesome! Enjoy Lake Michigan!

  3. I like reading about travel, DIY and bulldogs! I also like following new mom, expecting mom and wanna be moms - so keep posting :)

  4. Ugh, seriously, where are all the damn bloggers??? I feel like I'm out here alone some days! And I've been a terrible blogger this summer, which will hopefully change once my big boys are back in school. But really, so many have hung up their hats, what am I missing?? Is it no longer 'the thing' anymore??

    As for what I like to read: pregnancy and baby posts, since I'm in that time of my life right now. About you posts. Any journey someone is taking in their life, whether it be your journey to get pregnant (keep posting on this!), or if someone is transforming their house, or looking for and starting a new job, dating a new guy, planning a wedding, whatever. It's fun to keep up w/ them as they go on these journeys. And I love your snarky posts, so keep some of those thrown in the mix, too!

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Girl... I have been MIA all summer! I'll be back at it in September, I know. This is the busiest time for me at work, and my husband has been gone all summer so it is just me and the kid... and folks gotta have priorities!

  6. It's definitely quiet around the blogsphere but it's OK it will pick up again soon. I realize there is seriously only a month left of summer and wonder where the time has gone! The last weekend of July is gone, wtf? When it comes to visiting blogs, I am drawn to blogs where I'll learn something, laugh or feel like I would connect with a blogger on a real-life basis. :) Hope you're having a great time at the lake and take care Tia! -Iva

  7. I don't look for anything specific when I read someone's blog. I like to see what other people are doing, writing about, or the format of their blog. It inspires me to write, gawk at their blog designs, or inspires thought. I like when I can find a blog when I like their style of writing, their humor, or their content. Fun pictures are always a bonus too! Blogging is such a weird thing...you stumble upon someones little area of the Inter-webs (as you call it) and then basically just start following them virtually...reading about their lives (or whatnot) and its like an instant friendship (kinda)!