Jul 21, 2014

Clomid is my friend...sorta

Popping in real quick to drop a little more knowledge to you and give you an update to my side effects of starting my first Clomid round.

No photos, sorry. I hosted a very kick ass baby shower for a dear work friend (sea monster themed!) and I need to do a recap of that but at this rate and this summer, posts are few and far between. I'm not even sorry for it. Summer will be over before we know it and I'm not about to spend my time on the computer when I should have my ass outside in the pool with a cocktail.

So, Saturday night I started my first of five days with Clomid.
I read and read and read all of the info about why I am taking it when I was told and what side effects I should expect or could expect....the usual.

Here's what I know (Disclaimer: This is from my Googles reading. I am not a doctor, so just take what I say with a grain of salt and know that although I do love research, what I am saying isn't an ends to a means. Your doc will probably give you your own set of guidelines and rules...follow them. They *typically* know best!)

-When it comes time to start Clomid (hopefully you never will, but if you do, there are many, many people in the same boat. Don't ever feel alone!), your doctor will call in a Rx.
-The first dosage is typically 50mg and is taken for five days.
-The doc will either tell you to start on Day 3 or Day 5. Those two are the most common, although it isn't weird to start Days 1, 2, or 4 either.
-There is a theory to each start day (3 or 5)
-Those with PCOS, highly irregular cycles, and a recurring trend of not ovulating, will more than likely be told to start on Day 3.
-Those with rather consistent cycles, who are ovulating regularly, or have more mild cases of infertility will more than like be told to start on Day 5.

Why does the day matter?
Starting on Day 3 of your cycles, while your period is still in high gear, will cause you to develop more than one follicle. The goal of starting Clomid earlier than later, is to give you the best shot of not only ovulating, but having many chances to do so. Starting on Day 3 typically leads to 1+ follicle developing at a time, forcing a stronger ovulation, and giving you a higher chance of pregnancy.
*The downside if you could have a higher chance of twins or multiples because of multiple follicles

Starting on Day 5 of your cycle, right after your period has ended, or wrapping up, is supposed to allow one big ole juicy follicle to develop and take off. The goal of Clomid with Day 5 is to ramp up ovulation into overdrive, giving you the highest chance of conceiving with one follicle. This isn't' to say that more than one follicle can't develop, but typically it's a stronger ovulation with one fat follicle.
*The downside to Day 5 is you get less follicles meaning a lower percentage of success rate as compared to multiple follicles at once.

These are both theories that aren't 100%. Some people start on Day 5 only to be pushed to Day 3 or vise versa. Some people don't conceive at all on Clomid.
I have also heard stories of ladies going three cycles on Clomid, only to go off and conceive on the first non-medicated cycle. It's all a game of chance, really.

Clomid is typically Rx for 3-6 straight  months.
45% of all couples trying to conceive on Clomid are successful within 6 cycles.
80-ish% of all women will ovulate with the assistance of Clomid.

Side effects:
  1. SIDE EFFECTS: The most common side effects of clomiphene are ovarian enlargement, flushing, stomach discomfort, breast discomfort, blurred vision, nausea, and vomiting. Other side effects include abnormal heart beats, acne, allergic reactions, headaches, uterine bleeding, back pain, and muscle pain.
Personally, I have been taking my pills at 7pm each night, so whatever side effects I get to deal with happen overnight.
I have had night sweats each night, and have been getting random headaches in the morning.
I have combated these two by sleeping nakey with a fan and drinking a shit ton more water than normal.

I also heard a rumor that one of the side effects could be sudden weight gain.
Um...Hell to the no. Nothing but water, fruit and salads and lots of cardio until I'm off the meds.

All in all, it has been easy peasy. Nothing overly exciting to report back on.
I started temping again and plan to use OPK's after I'm done with the set of pills.

We will be moving forward until something works or I run out of cycles. Hoping for the first, but if the latter happens, I'll be updating as our regime changes.


  1. Glad you're not having a rough time with side effects!

  2. Stumbled upon your blog somewhere along the way. I just wanted to stop & say good luck with the Clomid and the journey ahead of you. I'm currently on my third Clomid cycle. I had no response to 50mg or 100mg. This cycle, I took 150mg days 3-5. We'll know next week (progesterone check) if it worked or not. Fingers crossed! Glad you're not having terrible side effects. I don't think they are as bad as everyone warned. I definitely find myself experiencing hot flashes, headaches and I can cry over anything/everything (my poor husband!). From someone who knows what this journey feels like, I wish you the very best :) Feel free to email me (steph4gach@gmail.com) if you ever need to chat with someone who gets it.

  3. I'm pretty sure this is what I took to get preggers w/ Tate. The first month I didn't ovulate so they upped my dose for the second month - that one worked! Do you have to go in and get blood drawn to check for ovulation? I did but can't remember what # day that was. How quickly I forget. I don't remember having any side affects, either, so hopefully you won't have anything too major. Fingers crossed and good luck!!!

  4. Good luck with the Clomid....! And yes, I find it so much harder to get blogging done during the summer....might have something to do with the two little gremlins always at my side, lol! Loved your baby shower pic on instagram!

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  6. (Random, but I was commenting on the last couple of posts and just checked and they never posted and I just tried it again and it disappeared, and then again and it worked, so I deleted my "test" comment if you're wondering why I'm a freak...)

    ANYWAY... I just wanted to say good luck to you! My BFF was on Clomid and she now has an almost one-year-old, so it works! I'm glad your side effects aren't completely awful, I always get freaked out when I read some of the side effects of new meds! I can't wait to read more about your journey as it continues!

    1. hey Kati! I KNOW you're a Blogger writer, so make sure you check your settings to make yourself a REPLY blogger (you're currently set up as a no-reply blogger which means I can't email you a response!) I'm so very happy you got knocked up so I have another preggo to stalk!

  7. I'm so glad everything is going so well! woot!