Jun 26, 2014

well, well, well

It seems all of blog land is on their period this week. Is this what is happening people?
We all start following each other and our flows sync up?
I have just been reading bitch fest after bitch fest, and don't get me wrong...I heart all of it.
I was actually just thinking that it has "been a while" since bloggers ruffled some feathers.
I like that style a bit. I blame a spout of shittier weather this week along with good ole' Aunt Flo.

Candra from Camo and Lipstick reached out to me this week via Facebook and suggested we team up for a giveaway. I'm always looking for a way to engage not only my readers, but to connect with fellow bloggers, so we quickly came up with a giveaway idea, that, I must admit, is pretty awesome.

It's awesome because it is going to take a while to get to the actual giveaway.
And I'm sure you're thinking, "that's not awesome for me" and to that I say..."pissshaw"
BECAUSE...your giveaway is going on a bit of journey before it ends up in your hands.
We were also able to wrangle up 22 other bloggers to participate, including some of more well known ones.
(This also started a bit of a weird email fan-dom chain yesterday, which was both hilarious and psychotic)

Anyways, we are working out the details as we speak, so just hold your pants on and get ready to join us on this journey.  The only clue I am going to tell you is it has to do with sweating and traveling.
Yes....I know you are really interested now.  Just trust me.

OK, moving on.
Have you entered the June sponsor giveaway yet?
If not, here you go. Today's the last day so get on it!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Don't forget to email me, handsonpantsoff@gmail.com, if you're interested in a July spot.
There are still a few open!

This morning I am taking a half day from work so some person that is supposed to be qualified in lady-part jabbing does her duty and sticks my cervix with a thin stick filled with dye. Then she blows up my cervix like a balloon with said dye and watches it drain out my ovaries.
Sexy, right?
I am making jokes about it now, but deep down (like waaaayyy down in my lady bits) I am getting nervous.
Nervous because I heard it's going to hurt.
Nervous because this basically tells me how much of an uphill battle we have with getting knocked up.
Nervous....just because it's what I do best.
Mark is being a good husband and my chauffeur tomorrow so at least I have that going for me.
I have to go out and buy pads......PADS PEOPLE. Like pads circa 1990. They have gotten better than the diapers they were right? I literally haven't worn one in decades.

But alas, it must be done if I want a chillen' to make my gray hairs pop up faster than they already are, right?

Other than this lovely event, I have zero plans this weekend. Zero. It's gonna be sweet.

Speaking of sweet. How about this sweet lady?

Meet Kati from She's A Jewell.
I met her through one of Alicia's giveaways and she ended up hiring me to do her blog design.
She is gorgeous and fashionable and hilarious. The perfect package!
We revamped her blog and she is back on the blogging block telling us all about her life, her workouts, her habits, her everything.
She does those fancy Influenster Vox Box reviews (which, btw, I NEED to get on) and her Instagram photos always look like she is having an awesome time!!

You can follow Kati on Bloglovin' or Instagram.....and make sure you tell her Tia sent ya!!

Have a good weekend y'all!


  1. Good luck with your appointment, I am guessing you can drink afterward so I would definitely plan for that this weekend!! Excited about the travelling, sweating thing, I got in on the last possible second of that bandwagon! Have a great weekend and don't be scurred, it'll be ok:)

  2. bahahaha I saw an ad for a butt pad yesterday (in case you wanted to know it's called the butterfly), so one would hope pads have come along since the 80s when people wore them last. Hope all goes well! #cantwaitforsharingtitsweat

  3. Excited for the giveaway :))

    I hope your doctor appt goes well hun xoxo

  4. I'm so glad this part is over for you. I hope the pain isn't too bad! Please put your feet up and pour yourself something cold. Hang in there friend!

  5. Good luck today! Hope you can relax this weekend!

  6. Yay for the fun giveaway! I can't wait to see how it all works out! :)

  7. How did it go? When do u find out the results? Sending really good thoughts ur way!

  8. Hoping for the best in your pregnancy journey!

  9. Hope all went well with your appointment and that your battle won't be as difficult as you think. Keep us posted lady! Enjoy your relaxing weekend :D -Iva