Jun 11, 2014

Simple. Fit. Fun.

It's Wednesday mo-fo's!
It's super dreary here. A lot of rain and I actually had to thrown on my jacket.
Not overly upset about it considering I have been battling another round of ebola for three days.
Back in the office today. No more razor throat. Just slow and a bit tired feeling.

I managed to work out Friday through Sunday over the weekend, but have chosen sleep over AM workouts every day this week. Suck it weights. I need to get better.

While I was cooped up this weekend in an attempt to keep my germs contained, I finished up my latest blog design upgrade for a sweet lady named Bailey.

Here is the finished product.

Super cute right? Bailey has been blogging for a while but is hoping to branch out and gain some more followers in the blogging world. Her audience was mostly family but hopefully her design upgrade changes all of that. She talks about fitness and healthy living with a sprinkle of daily college life mixed in.
Her tag line is "Simple. Fit. Fun." and it couldn't be more spot on. Bailey, you were a pleasure to work with!

While you are blog hopping today, please make sure you stop over at Fleurty and Fit and say hi to Jasmine!

Jasmine rocks my socks off. She has been diligently documenting her weight loss story and is always super supportive of all us fellow bloggers. Her post today talks about cheat days and her progress. I always love seeing new photos of her life pop up on Instagram. She keeps it real and funny.
Did I mention that she the ultimate solution for a bad hair day? Enter Fleurty Bands. She makes the cutest little hair bands this chick ever did see. They are great for both working out and those days where you have exactly five minutes to get ready and showering isn't an option.
So please, stop by her blog, Fleurty and Fit, and tell her Tia sent ya.

Happy hump day!

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  1. Gaaahhhh--I love your face!!!!! xoxoxoxo

  2. I love her design!!! I need to hire you LOL

  3. It looks great Tia!!!! SO sorry you were sick again :( that sucks!!!

  4. Love the blog design...one of these days...

    Hope you're feeling better soon! You and Ebola seem like BFF's ;)

  5. Very cute blog design Tia :) Hope you're feeling better - food borne viruses are just awful in so many ways.. the things that come out jeez.. Take Care! -Iva