Jun 4, 2014

Louisville Bound

Oh. Mah. Gah Becky.....this week has been a shit storm.
Our company is heading to our annual retreat and the location this year is Louisville.
I have been training a new person and creating an hour long presentation to boot. Trying to keep a presentation on Purchase Policies fun is seriously difficult.

Any of your lovely blogging ladies local?
If so! Let me know and maybe I can break away from work for a drink!!
We are staying at the 21c Museum Hotel and I am super pumped. This place looks awesome!!

How quirky, right?

What I'm not looking forward to is getting up at 4am for a 7am flight tomorrow. Sigh.
And then 8 straight hours of company presentations and junk.
I'm free after 5pm though, so let's get this party started!

It's a quick jaunt, getting home Friday by 5pm.

In keeping with the Louisville theme, please go check out Christina from Sold Out Arenas.

Christina is on Wordpress (GASP!) but we love her anyways!
I will be honest when I say I have no idea why her blog is named what it is, but never-the-less, Christina is one hip chick who has been through some tough shit in her life.
Like the fact that shit was diagnosed with Epilepsy seven years ago. She is taking is all in stride and laughing at life. She talks about nonsense, drinking, working out, you name it.
It's a little of everything. That's what I love about her blog. There's no niche, more just what is on her mind and what she is going through that week.

You can follow her on Bloglovin and tell her Tia sent ya!!

On a completely un-related note, my entire body aches. I blame Val. Because, why not?
Working out is for the birds and I know I have to keep pushing through because the soreness only goes away with another sweat session, but DAMN!  The good news is I am watching my back fat disappear and that is ALWAYS a good thing, amiright?

How is your weight loss/muscle building/fat-crying sessions going? Everyone gearing up for the final Start of Summer check-in?

Speaking of the "Start of Summer," I am looking for ten lucky ladies to help me participate in a Victoria's Secrete gift card giveaway! Let's give people some fun stuff for summer and gain followers in the process!

E-mail me at handsonpantsoff@gmail.com for details.
(ps- if you have already emailed me, no need to duplicate!!)
First come, first serve! Contest will run June 18-June 21!

And with that, that wraps up my random Wednesday post.
Check back Friday for a bunch more nonsense about your truly.

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  1. Christina is awesome and every time I read her blog title I end up singing the lyrics... sold out arenas you can suck my P*nis ... talk dirty to me hahahaha

  2. My goal every time near water is to just find ANY lady larger than me and keep my eyes on her frequently (without being a creep)...then I don't stress about a bikini body that isn't! ;) Kinda mean, but it keeps me sane...

    Sweat is my fat crying! One of my fave, dumb gym sayings!!

  3. You HAVE to ride in that red limo--for real:) Enjoy your trip--work conferences aren't all bad! Usually there's free drinks and a comfy hotel bed!! Have a great time!

  4. You will love Louisville and 21c! Have a great trip!

  5. I obviously live in Louisville! 21C is the best, you will love it there! How long will you be in town?You have my email so let me know if you want to meet up! I can send you my phone #. Thanks for featuring me today!

  6. Ooooh, Louisville. That hotel looks pretty cool! So glad you featured Christina, it's so nice to see another medical marvel kicking ass and taking names!

  7. I hope you are having/had a great trip!! sounded busy - but fun! Hotel looks awesome.