Jun 13, 2014

Combat Against Office Ebola

Dudes. I'm in deep. In the trenches.
It's time to fight back because this 'ish is getting old.
Time for....

Let's get real here for a bit. I have been sick EVERY. DAMN. MONTH. since November of last year.

and why is that Tia?

Oh, I'll tell you why. Because my man and lady boss had a baby and ever since it's been in daycare they are bringing home whatever boogers are stuck to them from other kids, and then, since I deal with my boss in close quarters because I do all the office related things for him.....I get sick.

Or...we jet off to another state for a big retreat, and the mix of lack of sleep, air-time, drinking, weird food, more drinking, sleeping in a room with a random (co-worker people....keep your mind out of the gutter! We have to pair up!) excessive drinking, shots, slithering into the workout room of the hotel that has clearly never been cleaned, and a bit more drinking, and I find myself with another sickness.

It fucking sucks. And I NEVER get sick in the summer time. And guess what is happening?
That's right. Ebola. (not real ebola, assholes, don't get all butt hurt because I may have offended someone. Whatever, zero fucks given)

So what is my plan?
After I raided my home and office with all the Lysol disinfecting wipes and Windex we had, my  main plan is to not touch anything ever with my palms.
I'm over it. I may be a little Howie Mandel about the situation, but if I have another episode of Throat Razors, I'm going to murder someone.
It's bullshit. People fear using their PTO time so they come to work sick as Hell, then snot all over their hands and then touch everything. I mean, they might as well be shoving those hands down my throat because apparently I'm super susceptible to getting sick. (say that 3x fast!)

I feel like I take care of myself really well. It's everyone else that is fucking up my life.
I get 8 hours of sleep, I work out regularly, eat fairly well, drink a moderate amount of booze to kill the germs, and take a handful of vitamins and supplements each night.

If that doesn't scream healthy I don't know what does!


I'm sure you've seen this sassy lady in the bloglands for a bit. I have featured her a few times and never fails to impress. Please meet Rikki from Momma's Got a Dude's Name.

Do you need a good laugh in your day? Rikki is your girl. She writes about her trials and tribulations with raising her crazy son Sam. Rikki just entered the Dirty 30 club, so make sure you go tell her old ass Happy Birthday!  You can follow her with Bloglovin' and Twitter. Happy stalking! Make sure you tell her Tia sent ya!

Have a happy weekend and stay away from the Ebola!
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  1. I worked at a day care for 6 months I never got sick but apparently I brought home every sickness known to man, my kids stayed sick it was awful.

  2. bahaha- I am glad your feeling better. I sanitize like crazy because I live with two snotty nose ankle bitters that are always bringing home something. The first sign of ooze and I am pumping probiotics and vitamin C in the whole household, well maybe not the dogs.

  3. I'm so with you!!!!!!!!!!! What the HECK is up with everyone getting sick this June? L and B's closest friends have had, ahem: strep, stomach flu, and sinus infections. LOVELY. I'm just bracing myself for it to hit us, because it always does. I'm sure it will be the moment my toe steps on the plane with the two boys (alone) to Montana. That will be fun!

  4. Aww but I'm sorry you've been so sick. That does suck. But....cute shoes!!

  5. I am old! And I love it! Get better, pretty lady. Sickness is le poo.

  6. girl you would hate working in schools. I am immune to the germs I carry around with me, but my boo thang has gotten sick every year since we have been together because I bring home all the cooties. Me? I save my sick days for hangovers.