May 8, 2014

There's no niche

Apparently this week is all about reflecting on life and junk.
Bear with me.
I promise it won't be all philosophical for too much longer. 
I mean, there is plenty of smack talk and drinking and shenanigans to partake in so I'll wrap this up quick. 

Anyways, as you may be aware, I talk about almost everything on this little ole' blog of mine.  There is not much of a filter and there is not much clarity to any of it.
Some days are purely rage filled while others are hopeful and inspiring and then the next minute I'm talking about heaux's and boobs and we're all sliding down a slip-n-slide to Hell together because you know you are laughing about it.

I blame my husband. But like, in the best possible way.  He is the reason I have calmed down a hair about things not sticking around.  See, I care about almost everything far too much. I can't help it. I want everything to be awesome and I want everyone to care as much as I care but the reality is not many people do.
And then I get all butt-hurt.
And then Mark pipes up about how I am making too big a deal about it and I need to just get over myself.
And then I smack him.
Kidding....I usually just give him the laser eyes and walk away. Then start crying uncontrollably because he's right. Again.
So I have been taking the whole blase routine with me for a while, especially on this blog. 
I kept falling into niches where I felt like I needed to keep up with the whole workout routine, or do something weekly, or comment on every blog I read, or whatever.
And lesbihonest, I can hardly watch a 30 minute cartoon show, how can I possibly keep up with any sort of routine?  
I am my own boss in these parts.  I can write all or as little as I want. 
I can promote myself, preach to you how awesome I think I am, shove all of me down your throat (that's what he said) and yet, I still can't make you read. I can't make you follow. I can't make you comment. I can't have a goal to have X amount of followers.
It's out of my hands.
And again, I would get all butt hurt about people un-liking me, or not commenting, or whatever. 
But that's not reality.
None of this is.

The reality is away from this silly computer. The reality is looking up from the screen and focusing on something that I will actually remember. It's a fine line between wanting to keep this blog fun and on the up and up in terms of likes and followers and blog design. I would LOVE to have all the things.
But I also want free time. I just watched Hubby Jack bow out of the blogging spotlight and I totally get it. 
(Although, if you were hoping to have him do your designs and are SOL, stop on by and let's get this party started!)
This shit is tough and hard to keep up with and in the end....does it really matter?
Probably not. I'm not one of those people that actually thinks I will be "real life" friends with anyone I meet virtually through blogging. 
Sure, I absolutely love connecting with people here and there as I progress in my life journey, but I am not out to be voted most popular. I'm not out to be the best blogger. I'm not here to make a million dollars.

I strive to excel at mediocre. 

I don't really know where I was going with this post, and I also don't know how to wrap it up, so I'll just stop taking up the spotlight and let's move the focus to one of my fabulous sponsors, shall we?

Say hi to MarlaJan.  She blogs over at Luck Fupus.

I have said it once, and I will say it again, Marla is a rock star. Not only did we randomly meet and she allowed me to give her a blog design upgrade, but her real life is insane. MarlaJan was diagnosed with Lupus just after she was married.  Since that time her life has been a whirlwind of medical testing and surgeries and other diagnoses that I wouldn't pray happened to my biggest enemy, and yet, she keeps surfacing after every blow, arms swinging.

If you ever think you are in a situation that is shitty and are having a little pity party about whatever 1st world problem you are facing, head on over to her site, tell her Tia sent you, and get your head straight.
I guarantee her stories will humble you and her humor will lift you up.
I am so very honored to have "met" such a wonderful lady and every day I check her blog in anticipation for her next post.

You can find her on Instagram, PinterestFacebook, and Twitter as well.

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  1. I agree. I'm never going to have 223497239472 followers or make a bazillion dollars doing it. I do it because I like to. I also will not suck up to blogs. If I like your post or have something good to say I comment. I don't comment just to comment. I feel like if there was a lunch table of blogs, I'd be at the loner table. Ha!

  2. You just helped get me out of my funk.. even made me type two blog posts in one day!

  3. Very well said!! I dont have a niche either I just write what I want to write. Who gives a damn I dont expect to become perez famous or some shit I just want to document 'ish that goes down in my chaotic life :D

  4. I strive to excel at mediocre too!! OMG twinsies.....I started blogging and doing it every day, now I just do it when I can and when I feel like I can add some shit. Its honestly for me, so if you like it great, if not ehhhh. I get it!

  5. I keep telling myself that once this blog thing seems like too much work, is when it's probably time to stop. When I first started, I bugged about followers and comments and all that jazz. Now, I just stopped giving a fuck. Some days, I cant read everyone's post, or get back to everyone's comment. Real life happens. Mediocre is where it's at! <3

  6. I do think it matters - what you write is important. The main reason I love my blog and do what I do is that I can look back and reflect and remember things that otherwise I would forget. It's almost like a diary that way, you know? I remember sorting through older posts the other day and saw a pic of L catching his first frog. He looked like a BABY. It was just cool that it's well, documented.

    Keep writing - it's matters.

  7. Constantly have to remind myself that my blog is there for myself, I've never managed to consistently post at my weig loss blog and it doesn't receive the number of comments, followers whatever that my stitching blog does. Some terms we just need a forum for our happy or our hurts and blogging gives us that. Keep blogging!

  8. The beauty of blogging is it can be whatever you want it to be. You set the goals, tone, expectations. :) I blog for fun and to ensure I continuously learn something and i love that but I also have a job that takes priority and a family so definitely you do the best you can and keep it moving. And MJ is amazing - she is seriously one tough chick :) Hope you had a great weekend! -Iva

  9. Wow . . . great post and it really hit close to home! I have to remind myself why I started blogging in the first place . . . to document my life and hope my kids read back through one day and realize their mom was pretty cool! It can hurt your feelings when people don't follow or comment, but in the end, maybe it's for the best. This whole blogging stuff takes time . . . so maybe God knows I don't have any more time and keeps it real for me! Have a marvelous Monday!!