May 29, 2014

Sorry, not Sorry Link-Up

Oh hey there!
Do you know what happens when you pair up two sexy bitches who blog?

We do a link-up....obviously.

Write ten pet peeve sentences, starting with "Sorry, I'm not sorry but" and start venting!!
Then, come on back to our blogs, leave a comment, and link-up!!
Best pet peeves wins a Starbuck's Gift Card!

You ready? Here are mine:

Sorry not sorry but pick up your God. Damn. Feet. when you are walking. Seriously....standing upright and walking forward are two very basic moves that require minimal effort and yet I constantly hear slackers dragging their shoes on the concrete. You will get all kinds of side eye from me if you are an offender.

Sorry not sorry but gum chewers of the world? Shut your mouth. NO ONE (shocking) wants to see that wad of gum flailing around your mouth followed by slurping and sucking sounds. It's like the most disgusting porno in the world and you should be smacked in the face.

Sorry not sorry but has anyone heard of personal space? Why the fuck do people think it's acceptable to hover and mouth breathe mere inches from my face. Don't be a close talker either. Your breath is probably disgusting and I have no time for it.

Sorry not sorry but those enormous Beats headphones are ridiculous and childish. I know...I'm in the minority on this one, but you seriously look retarded. I think the only "acceptable" age to wear those monstrosities is teenage boys. Although...are they super expensive? No grown ass professional adult should be walking around with them unless you are a famous rapper, which, if you are reading this blog, you are probably not.

Sorry not sorry but people that start a damn sentence with "I don't mean to be rude" drive me up a wall. Yes, you mean to be rude. You ARE rude. It's probably going to be bitchy or funny so just own up to it.

Sorry not sorry but if you into any sort of social media, as a Blogger, or Instagrammer or professional Twatterer or Facebooker or whatever....PLEASE, I beg you...please post different pictures at different outlets. Why am I following all of your shit if all the images are on repeat? Hello?

Sorry not sorry but ladies....wearing a colored bra under a white shirt actually isn't okay. Quit trying to be all Sex in the City and have your huge padded bra show through your shirt. It isn't classy, it's hyper trashy. As shocking is this is, white under white actually ISN'T camouflage a nude one and get with the program.

Sorry not sorry but call me old skirts should not be worn to the office. Neither should demin cut-offs, galaxy print leggings, or anything else you would wear to a rave or the pool. I don't care how relaxed the dress code is...if you are physically going to an office, you need to look half way put together. Remember the old way of telling if your skirt is too short? Does you middle finger touch the hem? If not....put the children's clothes back and find yourself some respectable clothing.

Sorry not sorry but Dub Step...I can't. What the fuck is that "music"? It sounds like a laptop was thrown into a live microwave, then tossed in a dryer. I guess I'm old, but the music industry seems to be dying. Whatever happened to a good beat with real singers and a bit of soul?

Sorry not sorry but Generation Y Me....can we talk about that? Why is there this awful generation of 20 somethings that think everything should be handed to them? That they shouldn't have to work from the ground up and struggle? Parents....what happened? Is it because we stopped spanking? Because you told them "they can be anything" and you know damn well that's not true? I'm probably sparking a huge issue, not that I really care, but I have to work with these assholes every day and they are going to amount to nothing if they don't dig in and apply themselves. Shit is tough. Life is tough. And it shouldn't be perceived as anything else. Yes there's joy and satisfaction, but it shouldn't be because something was handed to them. Geez.


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  1. This was awesome... but my beats were a free prize the hubs won at work, so I would like to be excluded from #4. I would never spend that much money on a pair of headphones.

  2. Yes, to them all. The feet, the Beats, the bras . . . preach it sister! Happy Friday!

  3. I love the piece about office attire! I feel the same way. Except I would like to add that combing your hair and washing your face should be mandatory as well. No one wants to see your dried up spit on your cheek! Crazy thing is, you actually have to have a degree to work here so what is up with the slacking?

  4. I am dying! The Dub Step. I dont get that shit, either. But, I still listen to 80's love songs on a regular basis, so what the fuck do I know? Inappropriate office atire drives me BONKERS, and I wear scrubs to work. You would be floored by the number of women doctors who wear 4 inch open toed heels, and short skirts, but think it's OK cause they are wearing their white lab coat. Open toes in a dirty ass HOSPITAL?!?! NO NO NO! Way to set us back 20 years....

  5. Yup, I'm doing this right now. It will be hard to narrow it down to 10 though.

  6. OMG yes X 10!!!
    Those headphones like WHAT!?

  7. Yes , yes, YES!!! I'm totally with you on the social media "cross promoting" one. I'm so sick of seeing the same crap over and over again.. At least give me a different image for the same post people! lol

    Sorry not sorry but if you into any sort of social media, as a Blogger, or Instagrammer or professional Twatterer or Facebooker or whatever....PLEASE, I beg you...please post different pictures at different outlets. Why am I following all of your shit if all the images are on repeat? Hello?

  8. Here is a fabulous article that will explain Generation Y: Also, yes I agree mini skirts don't belong in the office - neither do low cut spaghetti strap tanks, ptu that ish away I don't need to see your ta-tas. *Sigh* dubstep.. where do I begin? It's trying to be a more innovative version of Drum N Bass but failed miserably because you can't improve that genre and that one alone has several within it. It's a bigass fail and I can't wait for it to fucking disappear. Have a great one Tia! -Iva :)

  9. Hahahaha thanks for linking up with me :) and Um beats........ yup nothing like a business man with beats and a flat bill hat.... * insert sarcasm..*

  10. And why didn't I know about this linkup before I posted today?!???? Grrr, would have been so fun!!!! Dangit! I agree w/ the Beats headphones - what are we, back in the 80's again? To hell w/ that, lets just get a damn boombox up on our shoulders again. Was lame then, is lame now. They came up with the technology to hide those little tiny ear buds n your ears so you don't have to build up your neck muscles to hold your head and those dumb things up.

    have a great weekend!

  11. Just getting caught up - Loved this post!!!!!! I'm SO WITH YOU on the Y me generation. If L is ever like that I will roll over in my wheel chair - or grave! WTF. Mike deals with mid 20's who are complaining because they had to STAY PAST 5:00. Um, at that age Mike was working fricking 80 hour weeks.

    Also? Totally with you on the headphone and colored bra look. WTF.

  12. Hahaha I love your sorry not sorry's, especially the personal space one. New reader from Crystal Michelle's Mess! I'm trying to link up...might fail miserably.

  13. I totally agree with the "I don't mean to be rude..." thing! So annoying!