May 27, 2014

Memorial Day

We had an awesome weekend. I went shopping with my mom Saturday and bought the turquoise and orange pillows for the seats. Mark wanted to do yellow instead of orange....but momma knows best.

These pics were from Monday. An imprompu bbq between clouds and sun. The water was a decent 76 degrees and the drinks were flowing.  I am so happy we moved. So happy for the pool and good friends!

The little blue cafe chairs and glass table? If you follow me on IG, then you know I did a little DIY project Sunday morning. Those chairs were gifted to us from the previous owners and in dire need of an upgrade.
A little spray paint and fabric and BOOM. Instantly fabulous.

Plenty of kids running around. We put the dogs in the basement as our hands were full with little ones.
Weather brings out the best moods in people. So does a cannon ball contest or croquet tournament!

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Check back Friday for two fun things.
1) a Sorry I'm Not Sorry link-up, Pet Peeves edition, with Miss Crystal from Crystal Michelle's Mess.
Tell us 10 things that annoy the shit out of you about society and I will be more than happy to narrow down my top ten for you fools. Link up and join the party!

2) A much overdue update from my Etsy Store. I have a couple orders in process, including the giveaway winner and I am so, so very happy with how the prints turned out! Can't wait to get them framed!

How was your Memorial Day weekend!?!? How drunk did you get and what was your favorite moment?

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  1. Love the turquoise and orange! Great combo! Looks like you had a wonderful weekend!

  2. that looks like so much fun! I love the new color on the chairs and table.

  3. Beyond jealous of the pool! And how cute do you look in the top pic?!!!

  4. DARLING pics - looks so fun!!!! B can't wait to get in on the action. Love your new pillows and furniture!

  5. That's great the water was at 76! I'm a little shocked..we are in Arizona and our pool temps are the same! Here is what I did this memorial weekend: !

  6. Love your decor! You did great with your DIY! Looks like a great day!

    God bless,
    XO, Claire