May 5, 2014

Keep Going

Sunday was rough because Saturday was awesome.
I woke up with the worst hang over I have had in a long time.
You know the one....the one where you probably should have thrown up at some point in the night but never did and now that pukey heavy-headed feeling is in full force.
And the bags under your eyes have their own bags.
And your skin is dry and pale (okay, that might be winter related...I digress)

I woke up at 6:13am. 13 minutes later than the day before.
That is considered a luxury for the weekends considering my week day mornings start at 5.

I sit outside, with a towel under my butt, on a dewy chair and watch the two dogs trail each other in the yard. The sun is just peeking over the corner and there is a chill in the air.
I am hoping the weather eases that pukey feeling because the Ibuprofen isn't kicking in fast enough.
One cup of coffee down.

Back inside, I open the computer to wrap up the install of my latest blog design and chug another cup.
Salt is required so I slap together a two egg and salsa grilled cheese.

There is so much to do and my brain is fuzzy.
After much computer and house work, I resolve to take a nap, only to be hit by the all-too-familiar pain of lady time.
15 minutes into the "nap" and I'm downing more Ibuprofen.
Cardio always eases the pain so I head out for the second run of the weekend.

The evening turned out for the better as I sipped wine at a good friends house while she served me lovely food and we talked about blogging. It's a funny world, really.
I kept saying how I had no post ready for Monday, nothing to say.
Lady time takes away my spark. I mellow out. Am emotionless.
I had no inspiration to be funny or informative so here I am spewing nonsense about nothing.

Today I feel more slow and exhausted than normal.
I keep pushing.
Got in my heavy weight morning and checked another workout off the list.
My eyes are heavy. Mondays are tough. Lady time Mondays' are worse.

I am 8 weeks out from paying attention to my cycles again.
I had a dream I found out I was pregnant last night and it was so vivid.
It scared the crap out of me in a way where I didn't understand how to feel about a life growing inside me.
How odd, really.
But for know, we wait.
I'll be back on that horse sooner than later but right know I just have to get through today without falling asleep at my desk.


I would like to introduce you to Kati. She was the fantastic lady that let me redesign her blog over the weekend. She blogs at She's A Jewell and her layout if sweet and sassy.
She is reinventing herself in the blogging world. 
I hope you take a minute to stop by and say hi and check out my latest work.

Just a reminder that if you entered the Blogger redesign giveaway and didn't win, you are eligible for $10 off any blog package through the end of June.

This week I focus on the Giveaway winner, Mean Ang. It will be a complete 180 from Kati's design, which is what I love best. The difference between each blogger. I love finding out what makes them tick, what do they love to write about, what they love to do. These aren't carbon copy Blog designs...they are so much more personal to each person.  

Have a great day!

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  1. lady time is the worst it seriously makes me feel stabby..yes thats a real emotion LOL

  2. I love that your designs aren't carbon copies, so refreshing!!!
    Boo to your 'friend' stopping by, yay to getting some workouts in!

  3. Thanks for the shout out! :) glad you had a nice time, as did I! and tongoo of course ;)
    Your blog design for She's a Jewel looks awesome!

  4. Dang good for you getting in not one but two runs over the weekend and durning lady time you rock! And I love the blog design, need to start saving my pennies.

  5. Why does Lady Time always arrive on a Monday after a crazy weekend? Bullshit.Kati's blog design is gorgeous, you really are talented, my friend. By the way, salsa and egg grilled cheese sounds amazing.