May 21, 2014

60 Day Bikini Check-In and other stuff

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Val gives everyone a 90 day fitness challenge to get into shape for summer where you are supposed to lose inches, tone up, and get your fat ass in shape...and guess what?
I think I'm doing the opposite.
Like....I lift weights 3-4 days a week and do cardio the rest and for some reason I feel like I look bigger in the 60 days pics vs. the 30 days.....amiright?
It's okay. We'll get there. But sweet baby jebus....come on with it.

Here's the beginning:

So here is 30 days:

And here is 60 Days:

I don't know. Maybe it's not so bad. I guess I was expecting more definition.

Sigh....two a day workouts it is for the last 30 days.

The pics aren't the best. I "think" my ass is smaller...that wasn't really the goal. Damn.

 Anyways, moving on.  I really need to show you my fun junk that I got from the Swag Swap I participated in!!

Brew Mama

Alicia with Brew Mama and Candra from Camo and Lipstick put this whole thing together and I chose the Fitness package (which is rather ironic, don't ya think?)

I was paired up with Kati from She's A Jewell and this is what I got!!

So cute, right?
Yoga grippy gloves and running head bands, pony tail elastics, and some tasy Crystal Light in a yummy faux booze flavor!! Note picture: The Kind bar I ate immediately after I opened the package.
I was starving!!

Next up? The winner of the Blogger Design Makeover....MEAN ANG!!

I went all Pop Art on her blog and gave her some iconic imagery to make her header stand out. Girlfriend is all about couponing and fitness.  As funny as her title says...she is really just a big sweetheart.
I am so glad I had the pleasure of working with her.

If you are looking for a Blogger design upgrade, you can check out my other recent work HERE and e-mail me at to order your design.

And finally! Say Hi to not one, but TWO of my fabulous sponsors:

Please welcome Brittney from Brittney Breaking Free.
Brittney is getting back on her feet in the blogging world. She has made some major life changes in the last year (divorce, weight loss, SAHM to working mom) and she is still writing and working to make a name for herself in blog land. Oh, and PS...isn't her hair fabulous?! I urge you to stop over and show her some love.
Tell her Tia sent you.

 Then there's Amy from Southern, Classy, and a lot Sassy.  Amy is super new to the blog world (only been blogging since March!!) She is a girl after my own heart between running and wine!! She blogs all about fitness, weight loss, meal prep, being thrifty (which I love!) and most recently, all about the crazy Bachelorette shenanigans she partook (partaked? partooked?) in.  Go show her some love, and tell her Tia sent ya.

Check back tomorrow for a link-up and more sponsor love!!

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  1. I will gladly take your before pictures! But don't worry about the lack of solid results so far, you are obviously gaining some muscle in there with the lifting, just be patient and it will show up.

  2. Yeah, agreed, I will take your before! I think you look great! Love the suits, too!

  3. You're looking hot!!!! Good job!! I hope to get back in the gym this summer and stay there.

  4. You are a hottie. Please don't get frustrated. You are working it!

  5. You looks great! I don't think your butt looks smaller --it's just moved up and stands up a little better! Stick to it!! Have your eating habits changed since you started the challenge? Best o' luck!! :D

    1. Hey lady!! I'm responding inline because you are a Wordpress blogger and that 'ish doesn't let me reply to you via email!! Sorry!!
      My eating habits haven't changed much. I am a relatively healthy eater anyways. 80% whole foods....all that jazz. I don't really do junk food or sweets. I drink a bit more than I should. Probably should cut that down during the week and I will see results faster!

  6. You could not pay me enough to post pics of myself in a bikini like this. You look incredible.....! And I know I've already said this, but, love that swim suit!

  7. Thanks for the shout out! :) You look fanatastic. I love the color block bathing suit.

  8. I think you look hot! I also think they arent the best pictures, and maybe lighting/angles aren't the best. Either way, I can notice a big difference, I think there is much more definition. I give you props for posting bathing suit pics, that takes BALLS!!

  9. I can tell a difference in your second pic and you seemed to be closer to the camera in your after picture! Great job... thanks for the sweet shout out xoxo

  10. I can definitely tell a difference! Keep it up! Can't wait to see your full results after the 90 days! You're rocking it!

  11. I see a big difference in your legs and torso! We are soooo going to rock this last 30 days!