May 22, 2014

10 Things About Me and a Zappos Giveaway!

Here are ten random facts about me:

1) The last time I puked was Sunday. Way to go just recovered from ebola and went on a drinking binge. Luckily your husband fed you bread after said puking until you passed out.

2) I am a Michael Jackson FANATIC and may or may not have watched THIS VIDEO a million times at work yesterday. (I did)

3) I get INCREDIBLY HYPER after eating any sort of sweets after dinner. Mark is not impressed.

4) I enjoy air-humping in front of windows if I know a friend may be watching.

5) I may or may not have been dragged on stage after a costume contest, not during Halloween, and lip-synched Madonna...looking the part.

6) My husband and I can't drink hard liquor together at the same time otherwise we will likely create World War III.

7) The one thing I envy about someone else would be their ability to sing.

8) No matter what, if someone says the lyrics to any song while they are talking, I immediately bust out in song and sing said lyrics. It's very professional at work.

9) I crowned myself Head Day Bitch at work. Why? Because Bitches Get Shit Done.

10) Every morning I listen to AC/DC's, "TNT" and march my ass into work. Start the day on an ass-kicking foot!


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  1. I love me some AC/DC!! Have a great day babe.

  2. Good grief. Are we related? "Bitches get stuff done" is my work motto and I've been known to exclaim it loudly when I get stuff done (and its awesome). I'm also a huge MJ fan and I was not happy with the hologram performance this past weekend. I too enjoy AC/DC (reminds me of my days growing up in a pool hall). I can't sing and I feel like if I could, I'd have the whole package. And air humping is the best!

  3. You are too funny!!! I'm going to email you a question about sponsorship. :)

  4. bahahah if you read Head Day Bitch fast it sounds really, really dirty! And makes me think of Bill Clinton. Just saying.

  5. I also get envious of others who can sing :( In the future I've decided to take vocal training at some point in my life lol I saw that MJ video of that kid - wow that is IMPRESSIVE! Love the last line in that mini report: It's exactly like MJ would have wanted to come back ... as a skinny white man." Priceless. Hope you're having a great Mem day weekend Tia! -Iva

  6. I love MJ and I may or may not have every single song ever sang by him on my ipod. I use to have the white glove and a purple purse with his picture on it. I loved him. I break out in dance with Thriller comes on.