Apr 24, 2014

Why Gina Linetti is my soul mate

Like..lady soul mate.
Not, lover soul mate.
Well, what the Hell, maybe that too (sorry Mark)

Can we talk about this sassy bitch for a hot minute? Because I LOVE. HER.
If you fools have no idea who I am talking about then you best check out your On Demand section of Comcast and look for Brooklyn Nine Nine.
And then watch every show, non-stop, until you are caught up.

Lesbihonest, I almost feel like Gina was fashioned after my go-get 'em attitude at the office.

We are both assistants to the head of a company.
We both constantly put out fires, baby-sit employees, stop arguments, and generally get shit done.
Plus, I heart this job to death and I DO take this job very seriously.
So seriously, in fact, that I have given all my employees nick names. Some are more disgusting than others.
My man boss and my lady boss are married. So the lady boss and I like to joke that I am man-bosses "day bitch" and then I pass the torch and bedazzled sash to her so she can take on her "night bitch" duties.
Very glamorous, I tell ya.

You may or may not know that I enjoy a libation here or there all the days of the weeks.
In fact, that is what Bayou and I do best. Drink.
I imagine this is how I look after I manage to lose him, yet again, in a dingy dive bar.

Bayou's name is Mark, btw
She is sassy, a bit classy, and always ready to take on the day. Life is too tough most days, so it's best to have a funny attitude about it.  I can't imagine being so serious all the time, and it's characters like hers that I aspire to become.
Yes, I aspire to become a character on a fake cop tv show.
You have to shoot for the stars, people.

Now, make sure you do three things today. (I know I'm asking a lot, but just think...it's 5 o'clock somewhere!)

1) Do you have a not-so-fancy Blogger blog?  Good.
And do you like make-overs? Fantastic.
I have all the things you need in life, at the going rate of free (if you win)
Make sure you enter the Rafflecopter contest today because today is your last day!

How could you not pass this up?

2) Hop on over to Tracy's blog, Yea, I Know I'm Short.

Talk about a spunky little Italian with an over-sized attitude.
Tracy is hilarious and honest. That's how I like 'em.
Plus, all of her post titles are some sort of music lyric (most, admittedly, I have no clue about) but you see, it's a learning process at the same time! You can't lose!
She blogs about her weight loss triumphs, battles with the scale, and her adorable daughter Tia (See how cool she is?)

Here is a little blurb from the lady herself:

My name is Tracy, and I stand tall at 4 feet 9 inches, im 39, Married, work full time and have 2 of the cutest little girls (Tia is 6 going on 16 and Tori is 2, well going on 2 haaa)  My blog is a rambling of my life really.  I write about anything and everything all in one...that is what ADD will get ya.  I swear too much and try my best to stay on a healthy track.  I try....Like my tag line says "I talk to much, I very often speak before I think.  I love to laugh until tears fall.  Oh, and I have been known to exaggerate for effect."  Pretty much sums it up right there...in a nut shell...and who doesn't love them some nuts..Liars I say....liars...

So stop by, and tell her Tia sent you!

And last but not least, stop by Lauren's page, Our Crazy Ever After, and read up on my story, along with countless other brave participants, as we share our Infertility struggles during NIAW.

Have a great weekend!
Blogger winner announced Monday!

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  1. haha day bitch! My boo thang and I joke that he has work wives and I told one of my co-workers that she was my work wife the other day and I think she thought I was a lesbian. No joke.

  2. That is too funny... I work in an office full of men...not too interesting!

  3. Your job and my job sound EXACTLY the same, except I babysit a lot of faculty members, not students. And EVERYone in my office is a woman except our big boss. And he's English. And he loves us! :)

  4. I DIED at the 'is anyone here named Mark.' Awesome post Tia, laughed so hard. So glad you have a TV soulmate!! now, to find mine....