Apr 23, 2014

What makes you so Pinteresting?

Pinterest has always fascinated me.
I will admit, I am slow to get up to speed with all the different social medias.
I am not yet a part of instagram....I don't understand it.
I feel like I truly believe in a quote from Two Broke Girls, "Twitter is for morons and Instagram is Twitter for people that can't read."
But I'm open to opinions....is Instagram everything it's cracked up to be?
What's with all the hashtags? What do people do with them?
Do people actually engage in said hashtags? I laughed, when Mama Laughlin proclaimed that she thought they were pound signs. I, too, thought the same thing. I'm like..."what, are we calling people now?"
And then Val hashtagged #pow and I nearly pissed myself with how awesome that is.
Pow! Like in the old Batman comics.

But anyways, back to social media.
Twitter...ha. I will never show my twat in a tweet. Sorry folks.
I don't get it and quite frankly I don't think anyone actually understands it anyways, nor would said people follow me.

But Pinterest....my love.....Pinterest if full of overly pretty pictures.

Lives we will never achieve. Truths we will never have.
It is a fantasy word. It's beautiful. It's hilarious. It's not real.
But it sure as hell has helped me with blog design.
My clients see beautiful pictures of the life they feel that they want...they deserve, and I try my best to achieve that ideal.
It's a great resource for the best of the best, the elite.

I heart it. I love my new followers and I love finding other people that pin equally beautiful photos.
I'm so glad you are interested in my journey and what I have to say.
I truly appreciate each and every engaged follower.

So what makes you tick? Am I crazy for not entering the black hole that is Twitter? What is your favorite social media source to engage people?

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  1. I actually love Instagram! It makes it so easy to creepy stalk people without them knowing. And by creepy stalk, I mean live vicariously through their pictures.

  2. Ha - Tracie made me laugh! :) You know I like Facebook best, mainly because it's the only one I understand and is the outlet people respond to the most for me. People like me on facebook better than the blog itself - so, they always say go where your audience is.

    I'm on Pinterest and Twitter but Christina handles that. I don't really know what to do but she says its working so I'm happy!

    I JUST started dabbling in Instagram. It's kind of cool, I guess. Nothing I'm obsessed over!

  3. I wondered why I couldn't find you on IG!!! Ha, I have a Twitter acct and have no idea what it's for or how to use it! :) I never check it, but jumped on the bandwagon b/c I thought I was missing out on s/t. Turns out I'm not! But IG, you MUST join IG! The hashtags: so I do #whateverageTateis. Like #6weeksold. Then if I click on that I see all the other posts that had that same # from other people, so I can gush over their 6 week olds. Or #IowaHawkeyes, so I can see what other Hawk fans are doing. Does that make sense? Do you have to use #'s? NOPE, I didn't use them for a long time. JOIN!!!! I bet you'd have some of the funniest pics and #'s out there!!!

  4. Bitch cut me off!!! I was going to say PInterest, I love!!!!!! :)

  5. Pinterest is like crack. A bunch of electronic hoarding of shit I will never do in real life. Thanks for the shout, boo! #iluvsmesomeyou