Apr 3, 2014

Take a heart attack. Have a baby.

Bayou likes to describe the terrible notion of dealing with a heart attack as TAKING one.
As he describes, he can't watch scary movies otherwise he will take a heart attack.
So, of course, amused as always, I ask him to elaborate.

You have to take it Tia. You don't want to have it, but life makes you take it. 
Like how I have to take out the trash. No one wants to, but some people have to. 

But everyone has to take a shit! I smugly proclaim.

Yea, but nobody WANTS to. Especially not in a public bathroom. 

You have a baby. You take a heart attack. See the difference? 

But what if you take a baby? 

Then it's parents will have a heart attack. 

Aha! So in order to have a heart attack, people need to start stealing babies. 

Yes, I suppose that is the only logical solution.

Problem solved.

And with that, I can't think of a more fitting transition to introduce my new sexy April sponsors.

ENTER THE FREE ETSY PRINT GIVEAWAY!!  The winner will be announced on Monday.

Back to the task at hand. These four lovely ladies pimped out their awesome shit and I took that shit and threw it on the walls.
Errr...something like.
But I did put them on my side bar right over there ------------------------------------------->

Let me take a hot minute to tell you why each of these ladies rock the house.

Christina from The Lazy Pitbull is a girl after my own heart.  She is an animal lover and activist. It breaks my heart to see and hear about the poor treatment of such faithful creatures, but with people like her, we are diligently working to improve a dog's life, one at a time.

Tracy from Yea...I know I'm Short is a spitfire Italian stallion (just like my husband!).  She named her daughter Tia after stalking my blog KIDDING! so you KNOW this girl has her head on straight!! She is working on her fitness and we should all work to get to know her better!

Erin from Homemade Happenings is outnumbered 4 to 1 with P's to V's in her home! She has a fab lifestyle blog where she talks a little about everything. One of the P's is only 7 weeks old so she is documenting her fitness journey post baby!

And last but certainly not least, Rikki from Momma's Got a Dude's Name is hands down one of the funniest bloggers I have "met" in a long time.  She just did a two part post about all the many uses for disposable panties and I nearly pissed myself with laughter.

So that's that.
We will be back to post-giveaway nonsense starting next week!

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