Apr 8, 2014

Summer running, happened so fast

(you know you just sang that title) :)
I thought I would share a little playlist I used for my first run of 2014.

This run is 2.25 miles around my neighborhood (including an incredibly steep climb to the base of Norge Ski Jump) in just over 21 minutes.

I don't really know what my pace is these days. I think it's somewhere between a 9:45-10:00 minute mile.
I know. I'm slow. Don't care. At least I'm off the couch!

(4:14) Avicii: Hey Brother
(3:33) Ace of Base: Cruel Summer
(4:32) Lil' John: Snap Yo Fingers
(4:34) Mumford and Sons: I Will Wait
(4:08)  Britney Spears: Work Bitch

Done. Get Some Water.

On a related note, I need new running shoes. I have been using Brooks Adrenaline GTS based on the fancy running store I went to years ago.  That, by the way, was an interesting experience. Nothing like watching someone watch my backside as I bipped and bopped around the store. But it seemed to work.

Anyways, I am interested in running in a different type of shoe. Something slimmer maybe? Not like one of those icky barefoot shoes...but something more streamlined.
What do you guys use?

The running shoe lady says I land on the outside of my foot and roll inward. I think that's bad. So that's what the Adrenaline shoes "fix" apparently. And save my knees.

Any suggestions?

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