Apr 15, 2014

So I bought a bikini,

and realized immediately that I am a bit doughy. And a bit saggy.

Now don't get me wrong, it could be A LOT worse. A lot.
But it reminds me of last winter where I just kept eating and not really working out. Too much sitting by the fire because it's -40 outside and all my parts starting to implode on themselves.
My ass flattens out.
My hips settle into my saddle bags.
I generally just feel wider.

But no, I didn't go up a pants size or anything, I just expand in different ways that I'm not a fan of.
There are less curves or more lines, if you get what I'm saying.
I like curves.
I mean, look at my poor ass.  And poor Bayou, he is an ass man. And this is what I have to offer.

One of my favorite bloggers to read, Val, from Fab Chick Gets Fit, has a 90 Day Challenge that this glamorous photo shoot just happened to fall into. (These pics were taken the week of March 21)
It's basically 90 days to push yourself as hard as you feel like to get ready for lazy days by the pool...looking fine as Hell, obvi.

And here is an update collage about four weeks in.
PS- I am in LOVE with that bikini. I Heart Neon, always and forever.

Nevermind the fact that the tags are still on the bikini
Can we talk about aging for a hot minute?
I am 30.
That's not old by any means.
But dudes, it is HARD to get into shape these days.
Like, I swear, last year, I just worked out really hard for 8 weeks and BOOM...ab-city.
But these days?
Anything that is bad to eat goes straight to my thighs and back.  It is the hardest spot to shrink.
Sigh....I'll get there.
I just have to keep moving....like this:

OK, and also!  I am co-hosting a rather LARGE FITNESS GIVEAWAY with Alicia from Brew Mama to give a few lucky readers the chance to get some cool swag to get yo' ass in shape!!
The 18 of us chicks have pulled together to bring you the most awesome fitness gear known to man (OK, maybe not that cool...but SERIOUSLY close!)
We're talking snacks, a gym back, yoga gear, a Polar HRM!!, itunes giftcard, a Ruffles with Love tank...and the list goes on!!

Here is a snip-it of all the cool shit you are going to get.
Check it out!!

The Rafflecopter giveaway starts today and ends 4/22/14 at midnight.
Don't be a fool and not enter. Send us all your love!!

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  1. Sooooooooooooo, I've been meaning to stop by and I thought today would be the perfect day to stalk your page. Umm, I love you. In a TOTALLY creepy way. You're welcome. I'll be all over your shiz all the time.

  2. Really love the neon bikini - it's perfect for you. You look great! Will enter the giveaway shortly!

  3. Girl...if that were my "doughy" and "saggy" I'd be throwing a party! ;)

    Great job on the challenge so far!

  4. Im with Amy @ Southern....I would pay money for your doughy and saggy.....MONEY, cold hard cash!! You have a great body and that bikini is so cute!!! But I know we all have our own issues with our bodies....But know yours is sweet!!!

  5. You are going to look amazing in that swimsuit. Not that you don't already! Those colors looks great on you!

  6. 1. I'm jealous that Val thinks your shit don't stink.
    2. I'm jealous that your before looks that good.

  7. You look great! I'm 30 also and have the same problem, it takes twice as long to get where I want to be.....I never want to be 40 lol

  8. You look amazing already - Can't wait to see the end results, I'm sure they will be FAB! I love that swimsuit, too. I'm jealous that I didn't find one that bright and fun for my upcoming vaca!