Apr 10, 2014

Gallery Print DIY

We finally hung the gallery prints I had been obsessing over.
They were inspired by some images I found on Pinterest, of course.

I headed over to Hobby Lobby and purchased (4) 22x28 white frames and had the nice framing lady cut white mat board so that the interior opening was 16x20.

The frames didn't come with any hanging hardware (my bad) but we needed to buy the no-stud option anyways as I have no idea what is behind that wall.

I took four of my own images of Bayou and I and the pets, made them black and white, re-sized them to 16x20 then sent them to the printers.

Then, they sat on the ground for a month. We are efficient, I tell ya.
But this is the end result. I am thrilled!

Now, while you are perusing your favorite blogs instead of working, make sure you check this one out.

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Christina blogs over at The Lazy Pit Bull.  She is quite the super lady. Not only doe she spend countless, selfless hours helping to get Pit Bull's adopted all over the U.S., she also writes about tips and tricks to raising dogs in general. She is an advocate to end puppy mills (which I LOVE!!), and always has a moment to connect with small timers, like me, who are as passionate about fur babies as she is.

Have a great weekend!

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  Image Map
Image Map


  1. OMG....love them!!! How much were the frames @ Hobby Lobby? We FINALLY got one in the Twin Cities and it's less than 10 miles from. I plan to hit up that place very soon!!!

  2. They look great!!!! and I love your grey wall!!!!

  3. You did an amazing job - i LOVE it. Woohoo for Christina!!!

  4. I love that wall! And I love the dark color of it! It doesn't seem to make your house feel dark, either! That's what scares me from having darker colors, I love the house feeling bright and warm. Nice job!