Apr 21, 2014

Do you know who I am?

I'm kind of a big deal.
At least, in my head I think I am.

I wanted to give you a little back story as to who I am, how I came to be a blogger, and why you may already know me from a "previous blogging life."

My name is Tia. Nice ta' meecha'.

Most of you may know me as TBag, though.

starting to remember?

In 2012, I started a little blog called Gilded TBags.
This blog went through two re-designs while I learned the ropes of Blogging code and html and all that nonsense.

The OG:

And the Gilded Re-design:

I mainly blabbered about my general struggles with getting my husband on board with making a baby.
Then we tried to make a baby.
It isn't working.
So, as I wandered through the next couple years, hoping each month would be "it" I started blogging more and more about fitness and all that junk.
So you saw a lot of photos like this:

Don't worry, I still work out, I just do other things as well. Because obviously my free time wasn't filled with junk already.
Enter blog design.
Back in 2005, I graduated with a BA in Interior Architecture.
Venturing out into the real world, I landed my first design job in Chicago where we built out restaurants and bars. It was super fun and I spent the majority of my time making mock-ups for clients with the use of Photoshop. This went on for a couple years and I grew bored of the client interactions where the sky was the limit for build-out only to have them nix all our work and have to cut corners to make it work.
So, I moved on to a variety of other jobs and ended up working as an Executive Assistant to a rapidly growing Enterprise Software company. I'm totally happy with the exception that I never get to use my design skills anymore.

But now I realized the Blogger is awesome and so are my readers, and a lot of you are in dire need of a make-over and I am more than happy to do that shit for you.  Because I'm good. Real. Good.

So make sure to email me, handsonpantsoff@gmail.com, after you have checked out my Blog Package Options.  Oh...and you can, of course, try your hand at the giveaway this week! I'm giving one lucky reader a blog design make-over (Blogger only, please) the "Lil' Sumthing Package".  Like so:

Also, don't forget, my Etsy shop, Crash & Burn Graphics, is still in full swing and any orders you submit in April can get $3 off by using Promo Code, HOPO3OFF.

Yours would be a cute rendition of your own fur babies!

(This would make a GREAT Mother's Day gift, *hint, hint*)

Blog Design Giveaway starts tomorrow!!

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  1. So many exciting things happening with your blog! The design stuff - the etsy shop, so so cool! Can't wait to see what you do with it all :)