Apr 29, 2014

Baby Gender Reveal Photo Shoot

I had the honor of participating in my great friend's Baby Gender Reveal.
She works with me (at my real job) and is hands down the sweetest person I have ever met in real life.
She asked if I could be one of her Day Bitches and of COURSE I makes it fabulous.

Miss S scheduled a photo shoot for a beautiful spring Saturday.

The Day Bitch job was to rally up some balloons for the gender, after we received a text from her neighbor the night before giving us the good news.
It was QUITE the covert operation.

So Day Bitch #2 buys all the balloons and Day Bitch #1 (that's me) made her a fancy little cake.

The funniest part of the photo shoot was how friggin' WINDY it was outside. I swear to Jebus I thought it was about to come a ternader it was that. windy.  But the photos turned out fabulous and the cake was delish!

We have the attention span of children

 Also, I wanted to highlight my latest Blog Make-Over.

MarlJan blogs over at www.luckfupus.com. This lady is tough. She is spunky. She is a fighter.
It reminds me of that Christina Aguilera song (I know...don't hate too much) "I'm a Survivor."
I basically hummed that song the entire weekend while I did her re-design.

How we "met" is rather funny.  Both her and I shared our stories on Lauren's blog for Infertility Awareness.
In the week leading up to our stories, Marla had mistakenly replied all to Lauren apologizing for absence as she had a "nose tampon" issue.
Not one to pass up a funny story, I immediately responded with how curious I was about her little debacle.
That's how I got to know about all the medical issues Marla has faced. And how bravely she has faced them.
She sheds a lighter, more hilarious light on everything she is going through.
The next thing I know, she is asking me for a make-over and I am "making her blogging dreams come true."
Ha...not that dramatic, but it still was fun!



The company that designer her blog before was cute. It was well put together, but the issue is...it's not MarlaJ.
MarlaJan is looking in that mirror. You can see the power behind those eyes.
She is facing Lupus head on and wants everyone to fucking know about it.

So remember, if you are looking for a re-design, and want to bring your blog to the next level, I have a slew of package options to choose from. Or, create your own package and let's get to it!

And, if you are a fan of MarlaJan on Facebook, IG, or Pinterest, let me know and you will get $10 off any blog design package for the month of May! Are you looking for an upgrade?
Spread the love!

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  1. This looks like SUCH a fun day! congrats to them! and omg Tia, that cake! I'm totally impressed!!!! Well done.

  2. I love those gender reveals! And that cake WOW!!!!

  3. OMG great picts girl! LOVE the one with the older couple sitting in the background, so sweet!! Side note, not sure if I have shared with you my infertility struggles to get my girls....

  4. YOU made that cake?!? Wowza that's awesome!

  5. Nice work on MJ's site - she is a kick ass lady indeed!!! Sounds like a fun party - the cake looks GLORIOUS, I love rainbow sprinkled-covered anything. :) Have a great one Tia -Iva

  6. HOLY SHIT, that cake is INSANE!!!! Is there anything you can't do? Seriously...

    Thanks for the shoutout. I look super freaking cute on your blog. That is all :-)