Apr 29, 2014

Baby Gender Reveal Photo Shoot

I had the honor of participating in my great friend's Baby Gender Reveal.
She works with me (at my real job) and is hands down the sweetest person I have ever met in real life.
She asked if I could be one of her Day Bitches and of COURSE I makes it fabulous.

Apr 27, 2014

Pimp Yourself Out- May Edition

It's time for Pimp Yourself Out- The May Edition!

I am revamping the trend and giving you three options to show others how awesome you are.

Leave me a comment, with a link or website (that's not spam).
Tell me what you having going on.
Tell me how awesome your blog is.
Tell my about your new shop.
Tell me about your new recipe!
Tell me about your family, your dogs, your children.
Anything....just Talk to Tia and pimp. it. out.
Apr 24, 2014

Why Gina Linetti is my soul mate

Like..lady soul mate.
Not, lover soul mate.
Well, what the Hell, maybe that too (sorry Mark)

Can we talk about this sassy bitch for a hot minute? Because I LOVE. HER.
If you fools have no idea who I am talking about then you best check out your On Demand section of Comcast and look for Brooklyn Nine Nine.
And then watch every show, non-stop, until you are caught up.

Lesbihonest, I almost feel like Gina was fashioned after my go-get 'em attitude at the office.

Apr 23, 2014

What makes you so Pinteresting?

Pinterest has always fascinated me.
I will admit, I am slow to get up to speed with all the different social medias.
I am not yet a part of instagram....I don't understand it.
I feel like I truly believe in a quote from Two Broke Girls, "Twitter is for morons and Instagram is Twitter for people that can't read."
But I'm open to opinions....is Instagram everything it's cracked up to be?
What's with all the hashtags? What do people do with them?
Do people actually engage in said hashtags? I laughed, when Mama Laughlin proclaimed that she thought they were pound signs. I, too, thought the same thing. I'm like..."what, are we calling people now?"
And then Val hashtagged #pow and I nearly pissed myself with how awesome that is.
Pow! Like in the old Batman comics.
Apr 22, 2014


So this awesome lady lets me give her a blog make-over and this is how it turned out.



Apr 21, 2014

Do you know who I am?

I'm kind of a big deal.
At least, in my head I think I am.

I wanted to give you a little back story as to who I am, how I came to be a blogger, and why you may already know me from a "previous blogging life."

My name is Tia. Nice ta' meecha'.

Let's talk about all the Giveaways!

I feel like I got hit by a truck. I didn't even really drink or eat that much this weekend.
I blame my super-overly-excited attitude about the fact that is was damn near 80 degrees this weekend!
That, my friends, is a good problem to have.

What is not good is we will soon be approaching the time of year where I doubt the effectiveness of any deodorant that isn't a Rx, and start walking like a cowgirl that got slammed a little too hard over the weekend, just so my parts don't touch other parts and the sweat doesn't increase.
Apr 17, 2014

The day Bayou decked a goose

You guys.
I was chatting with a co-worker about parks and goose shit, you know, because that is totally normal, when I remembered a story Bayou told me.
See, he is an animal lover just like me. He works outdoors and around a lot of water, and there have been countless times he has had to save an animal from drowning or dying or whatever.
I know...he's a stand-up guy I tell ya.
Anyways, dry your panties out and let's get back to the story.
Apr 15, 2014

So I bought a bikini,

and realized immediately that I am a bit doughy. And a bit saggy.

Now don't get me wrong, it could be A LOT worse. A lot.
But it reminds me of last winter where I just kept eating and not really working out. Too much sitting by the fire because it's -40 outside and all my parts starting to implode on themselves.
My ass flattens out.
My hips settle into my saddle bags.
I generally just feel wider.

But no, I didn't go up a pants size or anything, I just expand in different ways that I'm not a fan of.
There are less curves or more lines, if you get what I'm saying.
I like curves.
I mean, look at my poor ass.  And poor Bayou, he is an ass man. And this is what I have to offer.
Apr 13, 2014

Don't let it ruin your day

I am laying in bed. The lights have just been turned off for the night. It is silent.
But I'm awake.
Clenching my fists. My whole body is tense and tight.
I am replaying the course of events over and over, thinking, "Does she even know how rude that was?"
The reality is no. She probably doesn't.
I sigh more loudly than I intended. Resolve to let go. Move on. Clear my head.
It's not doing me any good and the alarm clock will be shocking me awake in less time than I had hoped.
Apr 10, 2014

Gallery Print DIY

We finally hung the gallery prints I had been obsessing over.
They were inspired by some images I found on Pinterest, of course.

Intense Debate blows

My commenting system sucks.
I installed Intense Debate to allow other readers the chance to link their current post to their comment so that all the interwebs could see.
But what happened is I think I am replying to everyone, but in reality, it only shows up on my blog so everyone thinks I am ignoring them.
Apr 8, 2014

Summer running, happened so fast

(you know you just sang that title) :)
I thought I would share a little playlist I used for my first run of 2014.

Apr 6, 2014

and the winner is.....

The winner of the Etsy Pet Print Giveaway is Danielle T!!
Come on down!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

For those of you that didn't win this week, please remember to use Discount Code HOPO3OFF at my Etsy store to get $3 OFF the price of your order!! Any and all orders donate 25% of their proceeds to Animal House Shelter. So you get a super cute print and you get to help a pup in need!  How cool?!

A quick tip for ordering: You will want to order one of the top four images that look like these:
Apr 3, 2014

Take a heart attack. Have a baby.

Bayou likes to describe the terrible notion of dealing with a heart attack as TAKING one.
As he describes, he can't watch scary movies otherwise he will take a heart attack.
So, of course, amused as always, I ask him to elaborate.
Apr 1, 2014

Pimp Yourself Out - April Edition

The best part of blogging is getting the chance to connect with other bloggers.
These women (and men) talk about what they feel is important in their lives, with a glimmer of hope that there will be other people out there who are in the same crazy boat as them.

So how do we gain exposure?
How do we gain readers?

I honestly have no clue...but I can help.

I'm starting a new monthly trend where you the readers (whether it's as a blogger or not) can go right ahead and pimp yourself out on my blog. That's right. Talk about it. A lot.
For Free.