Mar 17, 2014

Work- Ready in 15 minutes

Someone's got a case of the Monday's.
Does anyone else get super exhausted for the first couple of days of Ye Old Monthly Hag?
I sure do.
I have been trying to combat the tireds and bloats by making a point to work out every day.
Today was no exception.

I actually napped for 15 minutes yesterday which meant I was wide awake well past my old lady bed time of 9pm.
My week day workouts are from 5:30-6:00am so you do the math as to how many hours of sleep I got.
Well....also account for Bayou's snoring and the cat singing a song of his people from 1-3am.
You get it.
Anyways, I thought I would share my little "fake it till you make it" make-up routine that takes all of five minutes.
Add in ten minutes of blow drying and straightening, and I can be work ready and undead in 15 minutes flat.
Here are my weapons of choice.

Links to purchase each below.
Did I mention this is all on a budget?

Oh Yea, no fancy schmancy stuff here. You can buy this all at places like Walgreens or Target.

BB Cream - I use the Medium color
Concealer - I use the Light/Medium warm color
Eyebrow Pencil - This is actually a regular ole' eyeliner pencil, but it blends well for your brows too
Blush - In color Pink Passion
Eyeshadow - In color Bad to the Bronze
Eyeliner - White eyeliner, super blendable
Mascara - In color Very Black

First, BB cream. I smear that shit, about a blob half the size of the tip of my pointer finger, around my eyes and nose, and blend out. For work I don't do full face.
Then, I blot on concealer around my bags, under and around the outsides of my eyes, around my nostrils, and then over any blemishes.
Tap, tap, taperoo to blend concealer, otherwise, it doesn't do its job correctly.
To conceal, fool.
A bit of bright pink blush on the apples of my cheeks and a tad on my forehead.
I fill in my eyebrows with a pencil and carefully wipe away excess.
Eye shadow? A smear of a bronzey color.
Then, the most important step.
Line the inside corner of both eyes with white liner. Dab to blend slightly.
Follow with two coats of black mascara and you're all set.




Zombie before.

Acceptable after.

(Nevermind my shitty camera phone. This is the best it's gonna get at 7am.)

TBag. Out.