Mar 27, 2014

What's on the horizon (think free shit)

Let's call this a soft opening. It's soft because I haven't spent enough time to get this blog where it needs to be just yet and I'm too excited not to tell you all what is going on.

We'll have the hard opening April 1. (that's what she said)
How hard will it be?
You will want to stick around. I am giving away some fantastic shit.

1) I am launching a new Etsy shop April 1 called "Crash & Burn Graphics". If you head on over to the site today, it won't be filled with many printed goodies. But by Sunday, you bet your ass you will want to pick something out for yourself.

2) You'll want my (blog design) package. Trust me. And to prove how much you'll want it, I am giving it up for free.
F-R-E-E. As in $0 free.

If you aren't aware, I am actually a bit of a graphics whizz (ah, thank you...Interior Design degree) so I figured I would finally put that shit to use again.  I like to look at nice things and make nice things and other people like it too. So why not?

The Etsy shop is near and dear to my heart. I will give you the full back story at the hard launch April 1, but just know that 25% of each and every print that is purchased goes to a local no-kill animal shelter, called...what else, Animal House Shelter.
So by buying my prints, you get to help fund things these cute little dogs and cats that desperately need like food, medication, and bedding while they are temporarily at the shelter.  These people do wonderful things and I wish I could donate more of my time to them. So in the interim while I still have to slave away at my real job and wait for my money tree to grow, this is how we can help.

Other changes?
You wouldn't believe how many cool people I have virtually met through blogging. One thing in common, we all started blogging or writing or opening an online shop or creating something on the vast interwebs for the sole purpose of HAVING OTHER PEOPLE LIKE US. We right in hopes that our weird quirks, or troubles, or aspirations, or thoughts are understood by someone else and we all hop on that crazy train and ride together.
So I figured...the best way to do this is have you pimp yourself out on my blog.
You'll get some extra traffic your way, I give you a spotlight post, a little linky button, ba-da-bing, ba-da-boom. You've been pimped.

Sharing is caring and peeing is believing.

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