Mar 10, 2014

Plan for the week

Oh hey.
Popping in here to give you a run down of my upcoming week.
It's going to be a shit storm.
I won't be back til it's over.
Here's why.

WORK: We have a MAJOR AUDIT this week. I am Captain Paper Shover, in that, I am shoving all the papers from all our files into the auditors faces and then explain everything and then run a million reports.

This should last 12 hours a day for all the days this week.

WORK OUT: Since I bought a new bikini last week and realized over the winter my ass managed to flatten out and my love hands have more love, I have been hitting it hard core most days of the week.

This week is no exception.

Monday and Wednesday: Up at 4:50am. 30 minutes doing interval power walking with weights
Tuesday and Thursday: Up at 4:50am. 30 minutes weight lifting/pilates/abs
Friday: Off
Saturday: Hot Yoga
Sunday: Boxing/Weights

EATING: We made a lasagna weeks ago, and froze it for a rainy day. Well the rainy day is this week since I will be getting home at roughly 7:30 each night, and after being up for 15 hours already, I doubt I will want to make anything other than a cocktail.
Enter pre-made lasagna Monday and Wednesday.
I'm prepping a crockpot Chicken Tortilla Soup tonight for Tuesday and leftovers Friday.
Thursday night is an even longer night downtown while we welcome the new hires at work and dine at one of my favorite spots in the city, Quartino's.


This blog is getting a major update.
What's changing?

The name, the design, the layout, the buttons, the gadgets, the whole shebang.
This is my latest DIY project.
I love graphic design and am having a blast learning how to actually update the blog all by my lonesome.
This lil' blog will have a REAL website address (minus the horseshit, I mean

What will be new?
A new focus on our homefront.
A blog that is more organized.
A blog that is more ME.
I want to make this blog a platform to not only vent and revel in our day to day accomplishments and set-backs, but to highlight what I do and what you can do to make a change for the better.
Whether it be a little DIY project, a fitness goal, a major life change, or a volunteer opportunity.

I have had a major "come to Jesus" eye opening experience recently (ha..don't worry, it's not actually religious) and it made me realize that there is so much more to life than getting stuck with the standard rut.
It made me realize that it is so very easy to forget that others are struggling to stay afloat, just like you.
And that a little kindness goes a long way and FEELS AWESOME.

What will stay the same?
The sass. Always.
Drinking. Always.
The Truth. Always honest, always real, sometimes not pretty, but you get what you give.

I'm very excited.

So, with that, I'm out for the week.

I will be back this weekend with a new post, and maybe a new blog.
But don't hold your breathe.
I'm an OCD perfectionist a heart. I have already redesigned the new blog header 3 times.
There's no stopping me.

TBag. Out.